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SteamWorld Quest Heading to Steam May 31

May 23, 2019

SteamWorld Quest is soon coming to Steam and we are elated for this game to finally be released. The company behind the game, Thunderful, just made the announcement about when this game will be heading to Steam. We will be able to get SteamWorld Quest on Steam starting on May 31, which is less than two weeks away from now. Read on to learn more about SteamWorld Quest and what this game is all about.

SteamWorld Quest Finally Coming to Steam on May 31

Thunderful has finally announced that SteamWorld Quest will be coming to Steam later this month. The official release date for the game is May 31, which is when it will be on Steam and available for those on PC. SteamWorld Quest was previously a Nintendo Switch game, but it’s only been available for the Switch since April 25.

SteamWorld Quest is a card game that focuses on role-playing and it has a lot of dragons and magic. There are knights in armor in the game as well as various imaginative worlds. Essentially, you have to take your team of heroes and begin battling the various enemies.

There are more than 100 different punch cards in the game that you can battle. This game has managed quite a bit of positive feedback on Nintendo Switch, even though the game has been out less than one month. It’s part regular fantasy and part steampunk robot gaming.

More SteamWorld Quest Game Details Released

We have some more SteamWorld Quest details that we can share with you, such as how the campaign takes between 12 and 14 hours to complete. The game uses turn-based RPG mechanisms with the game itself being set in the medieval times. There are villains and heroes in the game so it’s captivating and really unique compared to similar types of RPG card games.

12 to 14 hours is not that much for a campaign though, so we definitely think it could have had a few more hours attached to it and still be a great game. The overall game itself is easy to figure out, but a ton of strategy is required in the game. There’s a lot of depth to the game and the strategy isn’t always plain to see, so it’s a little more complex when you really get into the game itself.

We hope that additions such as DLC will happen down the road. Adding some DLC such as more quests, cards, and heroes would be a great move. We will have to see if that will happen though, since right now we have not heard about any potential DLC in the future. Hopefully when the game launches on Steam at the end of May, people will start talking about DLC and that will motivate the company to release such items. This is a solid and very gratifying game regardless of whether or not any DLC happens in the future and it’s worth checking out.

Are You Excited to Play SteamWorld Quest on Steam?

The game is going to cost you $24.99 when it launches on Steam in another week, which isn’t really that much money for all of the content that you get. SteamWorld is the biggest franchise for Image & Form, which is the company that developed the original game back in 1977. The publisher of the game is Thunderful and it is the company behind the new Steam game.

Lastly, we know that SteamWorld Quest will be available in more than just English when it launches on Steam. You will be able to get the game in Russian, English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French. So regardless of what your language is, you should be able to find a version that will fit your own desires. We want to know in the comment section below whether or not you will shell out the $25 to play SteamWorld Quest once it launches on Steam.

Have you tried the Nintendo Switch version of the game and if so, did you like the game? Is this a game that you think will translate well into the PC gaming world? What are your hopes in the future for the game, such as do you hope there will be some DLC available in the months ahead? Tell us whether or not you will be picking this game up at the end of the month on Steam and if not, what would make you want to get the game?