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Storytelling Puzzle Game Love Heading to Steam in October

Sep 2, 2020

A lot of people like puzzle games, but did you know some puzzle games actually require some thought and strategy? If you want to play a puzzle game but want something more complex, then you might want to keep reading to learn about Love. Love is a puzzle game developed by Rocketship Park and it’s going to be coming to Steam in about two-months. The game will be released to Steam near the end of October 2020, and we have all of the details about this game below.

Unique Puzzle Game Love Heading to Steam October 21

Not all puzzle games are the same and Rocketship Park, the developer of Love, wants you to know some puzzle games can have complexity and thought. Love is a new puzzle game that you’ll find on Steam beginning October 21, 2020. This puzzle game is sure to keep you busy heading into the fall and winter and it’s very different from puzzle games you’ve played in the past.

The developer of the game has described Love as being more of a puzzle box that is filled with stories and it’s all happening in an apartment block that’s rotating. In this game, you will be able to change the past and you can explore various tenet buildings in the process. You will learn the stories of those tenets and then you begin rotating these apartments in order to solve the various puzzles. It might seem weird to rotate the apartments back-and-forth in order to change time, but it’s a unique concept that requires strategy instead of just pressing buttons.

Love is a Steam Puzzle Game Requiring Moving Through Time

While in real life you might not want to get to know those people in your apartment building, it’s a definite requirement in Love. You must meet all of those in your apartment building and learn their stories in order to figure out what moments changed their lives. It’s a little bit like the movie “Butterfly Effect” in that you are going to have to change the moments that each person said was a defining moment in their life. These moments could be good or bad, but you have the ability to change the present by changing the past.

Most of the stories that are impacting your neighbors in the building are bad ones, which means you want to change their past to give them a brighter future and happier present life. These tenets have issues that need to be resolved in order for them to live happily in the present, and you must be the one to change them. There are many unique aspects to this game and it has a lot of storytelling obviously since the stories of the neighbors are what matters most in the game. Rotating all of the apartments is going to give you the ability to solve the puzzles similar to point-and-click adventure games.

Love Combines Puzzles with Storytelling & Reflection

If you’ve watched “The Butterfly Effect” then you know how it works when you change the past to alter the present. Sometimes it works out how you want and other times it doesn’t, which means you might have to move the apartments more than once to really improve the lives of your neighbors in the building. Thinking of that movie, you may remember how there were many points of reflection in it, and you’ll have that same reflection in this Steam game.

Empathy is also a huge part of this game which is built very well into the storytelling aspect. You’ll feel various emotions for each person when they begin telling their story and what moments defined their lives. This is a unique puzzle game that will still give you those confusing moments when it comes to the puzzles themselves, but the story is much deeper than any other puzzle game you’ve likely played. A game like this considering how 2020 has been up to this point is definitely interesting. I’m sure most of you would like to have changed parts of 2020 since this year has been anything but boring or drama-free.

While we don’t know a price point yet, it’s sure to be a game that provides entertainment and also some reflection in a year where so many moments have defined our lives. We will keep you updated on if we hear more details about this game. Until then, tell us in the comments below whether or not Love sounds like an interesting puzzle game to you. Will you be checking out this game when it releases on Steam October 21? Do you find “The Butterfly Effect” and changing the past to influence the present an interesting concept?