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Stringify Beta Now on Android

Jan 3, 2017

The automation service that is used for the Internet of Things is now in beta on Google Play. Stringify is now supported on Android and the company also announced there are new partners becoming integrated with Stringify. The new partners are all a big part of the Internet of Things, so this should really be beneficial for the consumer side of the Internet of Things.

Stringify Now Available on Android

If you have never heard of Stringify, it is out there to help consumers get used to and solve problems related to the Internet of Things. The app allows you to connect your smart devices so that you can get a more automated and powerful experience. You can use the Stringify app to connect your wearable devices and other products, which then allows you to have everything connected all in a simple way. The issue is that a lot of the smart companies are realizing you need to be able to connect your product to other things. If you do not allow your smart product to connect to other products, then it is just not going to sell well. Stringify allows you to connect everything so that you can live a more practical lifestyle with your Internet of Things devices.

When you use Stringify, you will notice that the platform is very easy to use. There are over 500 products and services supported, and you will be able to see all of your connections. There is an increase in functionality when you connect each device to the system, with the more devices you have connected, the bigger the ecosystem becomes. Some of the newest partners that Stringify was able to get include IFTTT, Twitch, and Steam. These are all some of the biggest names in the Internet of Things community, as well as Sengled and Smappee. When you look at Stringify, there are various “flows” that the program uses, and these flows help enhance both the capability and power of the smart devices. You can choose the types of flows you want and there are many categories to choose from, like entertainment or security.

For example, you can tell Amazon Alexa to tell Stringify “Hello” in a flow, and then there is an automated routine that happens. Once you have the “Hello” done you can choose to make that set off events like turning on the television or turning on the lights. You can also do other things like arm your security cameras or let someone in your house know you are leaving for work and there is even a commute time you can setup using Stringify. You setup the flows from your Android app, and you can customize these flows whenever you want. You can choose either the automated flows or you can create your own flows. There is a drag and drop interface that allows you to easily setup the flows. You also have tutorials, tips and tricks, and how-to videos to help you get going with Stringify on Android.

You also can do other things with the Stringify app on Android.  You can turn your lights on and off, set the thermostat temperature, and do other simple tasks. You can think of the app kind of like a remote control, because you can manage a lot of your home tasks right from this app and do not even have to get up to check on things or turn things on and off. All of this of course is done through Stringify having partnerships with other companies and brands. Without all of these partnerships, you would not be able to connect all of your devices together using the app.

Some of the partnerships we are going to tell you about because it really is amazing how much Stringify is able to work with other companies to help you simplify your life. The Android app works with Amazon Alexa, Rainforest Eagle, Honeywell, Homeboy, Craigslist, CNET, Box, Instagram, TechCrunch, and Reddit. Stringify also works with New York Times, Logitech Harmony, Netgear, Nest, Skybell, Ring, Wink, Philips Hue, Fitbit, Jawbone, Steam, Slack, Google Drive, DropBox, Evernote, Facebook, Yahoo News, Yelp, and Twitter. You also can get other things like notifications, weather and email using Stringify, and also have the ability to get RSS Feeds.

These are just some of the biggest names and companies you will recognize that have partnered up with Stringify. Using all of these things with Stringify will allow you to connect everything imaginable so that you can be more productive and effective both personally and professionally. You also will love how you will be able to use Stringify to enhance your gaming experience, especially with Twitch and Steam. Stringify plans on partnering up with as many companies as possible, so you will never run out of things you can connect with this Android app. You can download Stringify on Android today from Google Play, just remember it is in beta. This means there might be some bugs and glitches until the official Stringify app is released on Android.