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Study Shows Android Users Download Multiple Apps

Nov 24, 2016

A new study that was published by the Application Developers Alliance showed many interesting things about Android users. One thing the study concluded was that Android users download a lot of apps, and download many apps for the same purpose.

Android Study Reveals Habits of Users

The study looked at what applications users used when they were trying to complete a certain task, such as listen to music or use cloud storage. The study revealed many different things about Android users, such as that Android users use multiple apps from each category and they download several apps onto their device.

When you look at Android, there are over 2.2 million apps that users can choose from in Google Play, which is really a lot. The Application Developers Alliance ended up finding out that over 40% of all Android users have more than 25 apps on their device, and 7% have downloaded more than 60 apps. The reason for all of these apps being downloaded onto Android devices is that users love to have multiple apps for a given task. This means that if they listen to podcasts, they have more than one podcast app. The study looked at 14 specific app categories that included SMS to social media and productivity, as well as music and storage. The results showed that most Android users are not exclusive to one app to get the job done.


The study was able to find out that 47% of Android users do use Google Drive for the Cloud Storage but also 70% of those users use OneDrive or another competing Cloud Storage service as well. Users have an average of 2.5 applications per category and that 10% of people in each of the category ended up using more than 3 applications. Pre-loaded applications were also looked at in this study and it showed that 76% of users rather have a device pre-loaded with various applications. 24% of Android users would rather not have the pre-loaded applications; mostly because they wanted to add the apps they preferred onto the device themselves.

Some specifics of the study results included that the Shopping category is where a lot of people chose to have more than 3 apps. Specifically, only 16% of users had one app for this category while 55% used over 3 shopping apps. Social media came in second with an average of 3 apps, and only 34% of users felt one app was good enough. 63% of users used 2 social media apps while 46% of Android users had more than 3 social media apps. On the other side of these higher categories, you have things like Notes where then average number of apps was 1.6. 42% of people only used one app for Notes, while 10% used more than 3 apps. E-Reading was also a category where Android users used less apps, with 34% of users only having one app. 11% of users had more than 3 reading apps and 26% of users used 2 apps for reading. SMS texting also had one of the lowest ratings with only 1.8 apps used on the device. 44% of people said they used only one app while 17% used more than 3 apps for SMS.

The last part of the study was all about customization and how Android users customize the default user-interface. 89% of users said they have made tweaks to the home screens, and only 11% of users kept the home screen the same. 77% of users wanted to remove the pre-loaded home screen apps and 52% of users grouped the pre-loaded unused apps into folders.