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Study Shows Android Users More Honest than iPhone Users

Nov 22, 2016

A new study came out today from the University of Lincoln, which shows that Android users are more honest than their iPhone counterparts. The study also showed that iPhone users are more extroverted than Android users, and see the phone more as an object of status. That is not all the new study showed and some of the differences between Android and Apple users might surprise you.

Android Users More Honest While iPhone Users More Extroverted

We have known that the type of phone and operating system you run can tell a lot about your personality and values. This study from the University of Lincoln and Lancaster University, however, went into detail when it comes to the differences between Android and Apple users.

The researchers from the two universities ended up giving out questionnaires to over 500 people, which ranged from attitudes towards mobile phones to feelings and attitudes about themselves. The psychologists even developed a computer program that was good at predicting the smartphone the person would choose just based on some personality questions.


The results of the study showed that Android users were more humble and honest over their iPhone counterparts. Android users are also older than iPhone users and were predominantly male. Not only that but Android users overall tend to be more agreeable, and also do not want to break rules in order to gain something for themselves. You might say that Android users are more disciplined and self-aware due to not breaking the rules for personal gain.

On the contrast, iPhone users were over twice as likely to be female and also much younger than the Android users. iPhone users also are more likely to view their smartphone as a status symbol as opposed to a practical solution for everyday life. iPhone users were not nearly as honest and also showed that they were not as humble. They were also more extroverted, which means they were more outgoing and social. iPhone users tended to be more emotional as well, which could be a result of more iPhone users being females.


This was the first study to really highlight and show the differences between personality traits of the two smartphone groups. People have always said that your phone can tell a lot about the type of person you are, but this study proves just how much insight we can glean just from the brand of smartphone you choose. There is likely to be more studies that look into these personality traits between iPhone and Android users because this is fascinating from a psychological standpoint.