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Sultan Official Movie Game Review

Jul 8, 2016

Sultan Official Movie Game Review: Very few games are based on the movies – Indian or otherwise all are worth your time and attention. This was the case when the games were being made for the consoles and PCs and this has not changed even in the time when tie-in games are mostly being made for the smartphones.Sultan Official Movie Game Review for Mobile

Sultan Official Movie Game Review

Now the latest mobile is based on the Salman Khan starrer Sultan was an unexpected surprise. This is a smartphone game that is based on the Bollywood movie which is not terrible and it is a far cry from the last game that was based on a Salman Khan movie i.e. Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo.Sultan Official Movie Game

However, it will be not say that it is a perfect game as the game is full of flaws and few seriously annoying decisions around monetization, but despite of all these issues, we found ourselves coming back to play one more round.

Sultan is a pretty simple fighting game and it has to be simple to be playable on the mobiles but there is enough left to provide an enjoyable experience to anyone who wants to spend some more time with the game. Unfortunately, this all is wrapped in a layer after of bloat and some of it comes from monetization strategies that are being followed by the developer and some of that comes from the movie this game is tied too.Sultan Official Movie Game Review

There is a title match at every 10 levels and the game is split into 60 levels and you can also earn three stars at the end of each match. In the first couple the levels are just tutorials so you would have to imagine that by the time you will actually get to the real fights, so you should have a fair idea of how to do a good job of the game. Unfortunately that is not the case, while the tutorials will show you the moves, then they do not do anything more than that and you will be left to figure out how to use those moves and you just learned on your own.Sultan Official Game

The controls of the game are simple, just tap the screen to attack, hold the screen to block and swipe for a heavy attack. Land enough attacks and then you will be charge up to a special move that can be triggered by tapping at the corner of the screen. One problem is that you can mostly work your way through levels by doing nothing more than just frantically tapping away on the screen.google play

And beyond a point you do need to develop a strategy unless you are happy to get one star results at all time. Timing your attacks, building up specials, blocking well and using them to take your opponent down forms is an enjoyable gameplay loop, but with a lot of trial and error it was not until around level 20, and we had worked out the basics of timing.

There is some tweaking that is also needs to be done at the core gameplay and one thing, the block does not always engage and you will left standing around while the opponent turns your face into the mashed potato.

The other area where Sultan really does not communicate enough is in the terms of the stars that you will get at the end of each level. The stars are not tied to either of the two currencies of the game, so they would appear to represent a simple rating. So the worse yet is that the game does not clearly say what you get the stars for and there are no clear cut goals or targets.

The upgrade system is the another area that can be improved in this game. To raise your level, attack and defense stats in a fixed progression, to boost your health you have to pay coins but you cannot select that which stats you want to upgrade either.

Visually, the game looks like a high-end 3D game on the smartphones, but there is not too much on the screen and the focus is clearly on two fighters, but designs are detailed and various moves are animated nicely.

At its core, there is still going to be fun game that you may enjoy. So if you are a fan of the film or Salman Khan, then there is no reason to skip this game and it is free on Android.


  • Core gameplay is simple and satisfying
  • The game has nice looking visuals


  • The controls are a little imprecise for a fighting game
  • There are too many ads and IAPs
  • The tutorial does not tell you enough

Ratings (out of 10): 7