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Sunless Skies Hits Steam Early Access

Sep 4, 2017

There is a new game on Steam Early Access called Sunless Skies. This game is by the same developer of Sunless Sea and the Zubmariner expansion, which is Failbetter Games. The new game, Sunless Skies, has officially hit Steam Early Access. A lot of people are thrilled about this release.

People are pretty exicted because there is quite a bit going on with this second Lovecraft-inspired game. If you are looking for a new Steam game to get into, then read on to learn more about Sunless Skies and what all is available in the Steam Early Access version of this PC game.

Sunless Skies Now on Steam Early Access

We have some good news about a new game on Steam Early Access called Sunless Skies. The game from Failbetter Games is the latest addition to the lineup after the game Sunless Sea was released a while ago. Sunless Sea was thought to be one of the best Lovecraft-inspired games out for the PC, along with the Zubmariner expansion.

We now have the game Sunless Skies on Steam Early Access, although this game is not free to download and play. The game is on sale right now until September 6, 2017, for the price of $22.50. The regular price of Sunless Skies is going to be $25 on Steam Early Access.

While this game will be $25 on Steam Early Access, you will not have access to a whole lot of the game. You will only get a portion of the map during Steam Early Access. This means there will be a lot more coming when the game is officially released. Failbetter Games released an update on Kickstarter, the developer talked mostly about what the Steam Early Access version will be.

The developer also talked about what the full game will look like. According to Failbetter Games, the Steam Early Access is so small due to just wanting to give a hint about what the final game will be like. The developers did not want to put too much out and then have players feel like the game was empty.

Sunless Skies Steam Early Access Version Features

If you are wondering what the Sunless Skies version will be like on Steam Early Access we can tell you some of those details. You will be able to interact with some of the stories, and also be able to Dock at 11 different ports in Reach. You will be able to explore Reach using the locomotive and also use the bat to check out the ports.

You can engage in the battles with locomotives and sky-beasts. You also will be able to use the mechanics of Hunger, Terror, and Heat. So there is definitely some things you can do in the Early Access version on Steam. There is definitely much more to this game in the full version. You do not need to be disappointed with the Early Access version thinking that is all there is.

There will be more as well coming in Sunless Skies, including the trade, legacies, progression, and spectacles. You will also have character creation and much more in this game. You will have to wait though, if you would rather check out the full version of the game. The full version is not due out until around May 2018, which is quite a ways away from now.

You know how that goes though, as it could actually come out a bit before May 2018. It could also be a few months after the projected date of release. For now, if you are itching to play Sunless Skies, then you will need to pay the $22.50 or $25. This will allow you to purchase the Steam Early Access version of the game.