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Super Mario Bros. Celebrates Its Thirtieth Birthday

Sep 14, 2015

On the 13th of September, Super Mario Bros. became thirty years old. On the 13th of September in 1985, the game came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game receive a warm reception from critics and to this day, it is considered to be one of the best and most important games of all time.

According to different sources, the original Mario game is still the best selling game ever, with slightly more than forty million copies being sold worldwide. Other Mario games such as Super Marion Land for the Nintendo Game Boy, Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo and New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Wii were only able to sell a total of twenty million copies. This really shows you how popular the original Super Mario Bros really is, compared to the newer Mario games.

Is Mario really thirty years old?


Even though Mario is considered to be thirty years old, he could also be seen as even older, depending on how you look at it. In the arcade-game Donkey Kong in 1981, Donkey Kong abducts a lady named Pauline. You play as a character named Jumpman and try to save the lady, by going after the giant gorilla. Jumpman was later renamed Mario for the next arcade game called Donkey Kong Junior, in 1982.

It is also notable that Jumpman was a carpenter, and that later on his profession got changed into a plumber, when he appeared in Mario Bros. This was also the first game with Mario as the title character. If the first appearance of Jumpman is maintained, it would make Mario a little older than thirty four, and based on the first appearance of Mario as Mario, he would be thirty two years old.

How did the Mario name originated?

The name Mario is originally the name of the landlord of the US division of Nintendo, in Seattle. The company was behind on the rent, and the Landlord Mario Segale was not really happy about this. After Mario Segale visited the US division of Nintendo in order to claim the rent that is owed to him, president of Nintendo America, Minoru Arakawa came up with the idea to name one of their characters Mario. Jumpman already had an Italian appearance, and the name really fit the bill perfectly.

According to an extensive research by an American journalist, Nintendo never made the name commitment official, due to the fact that Mario Segale probably would not be happy with the fact that his name is linked to what can be seen as a caricature of the Italian man. Furthermore, Mario Segale never receive royalties for the decision by Nintendo, and he also did not have a mustache at the time of those events.

To date, Mario appears in a total of nineteen games. This also includes his newest game, which is called Super Mario Maker and is published specially on the occasion of his birthday. In those nineteen games, spin-offs such as Mario Party, Mario Kart and Mario Tennis are excluded. If you count those as well, Mario appears in well over a hundred games.

Will there be any Mario games on mobile platforms?


It appears that Mario will continue to remain the figurehead of its Japanese developer. Nintendo is constantly working on new games where Mario plays the lead role, or at least a supporting role. Nintendo has just announced a new Pokémon game for Android and iOS devices, as part of an overall expansion of their mobile game portfolio. This means that we surely will be able to see a Mario game for mobile platforms as well.

Mario’s newest game called Super Mario Maker is now available for the Wii U. In this game, players can create their own Mario levels. They can use any visual styles that have been used in a Mario Game, starting at the oldest games from the eighties, up till the latest games. If you are interested in designing your own unique Mario levels, you should definitely check out Super Mario Maker. I have tested it out, and it is pretty fun to play and worth the time.

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