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Super Mario Run Coming to Android Within Days

Mar 18, 2017

The day has finally arrived when we can tell you when Super Mario Run will be appearing on Google Play Store. People have been waiting for a long time for Super Mario Run to come to Android, and the date has finally been revealed. We are going to tell you the release date of Super Mario Run and also other cool details about the game, so continue reading to learn all about it.

Super Mario Run Android Release Finally Approaching

It has been a long wait for Android fans of Super Mario because we have been waiting for the official launch of Super Mario Run on Android. Well, the game will be launching on Google Play Store for free on March 23. You can pre-register for the game right now by heading over to the Google Play Store and getting signed up to be notified for when the game gets dropped. This game has been a super big hit on iOS, already with millions of downloads since the December launch.

The endless runner game once again will be available on Android through Google Play Store on March 23. The issue has been a piracy concern, which has been biggest the issue preventing the game from being released for Android sooner than March 23. It appears that Nintendo got all of the piracy issues and concerns out of the way now that we have less than a week to go before the game launches on Google Play Store. The game will most likely be free to download just like with the iOS version.

It stands to reason that you probably will have to pay the $10 fee if you want the entire game, since you only get a few levels of Super Mario Run through the free option. You might think that is a lot of money to pay if you want access to the complete game, but $10 is not really that bad because it is over 24 levels.

More Super Mario Run News

There is even more news out there now for Super Mario Run. The news is that a new version, version 2.0.0 should be coming out soon for iOS. Right now, the iOS version of the game is at 1.1.2, and version 2.0.0 is already being produced. There will be playable characters in the new 2.0.0 version, which is pretty cool. Another addition to the new update will be that you get worlds 1 through 4 for free if you complete one of the challenges Bowser sets up for you. As it stands right now, you can only play through three worlds before you need to pay the full price for the game.

That has been one of the biggest complaints about Super Mario Run, since the $10 is one fee one time as opposed to smaller incremental fees. People would rather pay $1 or $2 to unlock additional levels here and there, than pay the $10 to unlock the complete full game. Even though Super Mario Run has been downloaded millions of times on iOS, the number of people that have paid the $10 to access the full game has been quite low when you compare the two numbers.

We will have to wait and see because even more cool features might be available on the new Super Mario Run 2.0.0 on iOS, although that is all we know about the update for now.If you want in on the Android version of Super Mario Run, head to Google Play Store right now and pre-register. If you do not want to pre-register you can also just wait until March 23, 2017, when the game officially launches on Google Play Store.