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Super Mario Run Downloaded over 40 Million Times on iOS

Jan 6, 2017

When it comes to iOS games, there are plenty of games that have been popular, but none of them compare to Super Mario Run. It was just released that Super Mario Run has been downloaded over 40 million times on iOS, and this makes the game the fastest-selling iOS game ever. Super Mario Run currently is only available on iOS, which might be why it has become such a hot commodity for gamers all over the world.

Super Mario Run is Fastest-Selling iOS Game in History

In just four days since being released, Super Mario Run has amassed over 40 million downloads. This is certainly a feat for any iOS app or game out there, and it beats out Pokemon Go which had the record previously. Super Mario Run is a free to download runner game developed by Nintendo, but you have to pay if you want to get all 24 levels of the game. The cost is $10 to download all 24 levels or you can choose to just play the three free levels.

The issue though with Nintendo and the new Super Mario Run game is that Nintendo’s stock actually went down after the game was released. This was in part because the game has gotten mixed reviews, with some people hating it while other people love it. The mixed reviews and fact you must pay $10 to actually get the full game has led to the stock of Nintendo waffling since the release four days ago.


Super Mario Run has earned well over $21 million since it was released, but that is not very much considering the number of downloads for the game. It is estimated that only about 8 percent of all people who have downloaded the game on iOS go on to actually pay for the remaining levels of the game. That is a pretty significant hit for Nintendo when you think about it, because so many people are choosing to bail on the game after the first three free levels. That could be considered to be due to the game being a runner game or possibly the game is not as fun as people think it will be once they begin playing it. Either way, the fact that only 8 percent of people are paying the $10 for the full 24 levels is a little concerning for the company.

You have to look at Super Mario Run and the success of the game to be a hit since this is only available for iOS currently. If there have been over 40 million downloads in four days already, imagine what the numbers will be once Android gets the game sometime in early 2017. There likely will be another big wave of people downloading Super Mario Run once it releases for Android. More people also own Android devices than iOS devices, so the number could be much bigger than what we are seeing with Super Mario Run on iOS. Interestingly enough, because you only get the first three levels free, this prevents Super Mario Run from hitting the top of the “Free” category on iOS. So even though significantly more people are downloading the game and playing the free levels then stopping, not enough of the game is being given away for free to get this game into the free chart.

Even with the numbers we see of people who are stopping after the free levels, Super Mario Run has still managed to become one of the top-earning games in locations that the game has launched. The game has launched in over 140 various territories and in 100 of those areas the game has become the top-earning game. Currently, on the app store Super Mario Run is only getting about 2 to 3 stars out of 5, with some complaining that the $10 fee is a bit too much. Unlike a lot of other games, Super Mario Run requires one large payment of $10 as opposed to many small payments of $1 here or $1 there. The game itself is not getting that bad of reviews, it seems just it is people who do not like the fee associated with the game. Even that seems not to be stopping people from downloading Super Mario Run to try it out.