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Super Mario Run Gets 77 Percent of Revenue from iOS

Jul 8, 2018

We have some interesting news about Super Mario Run as a new report is showing that 77 percent of all revenue is coming from iOS. Considering that Super Mario Run can be found on both iOS and Android, this is a significant gap between the two mobile platforms. We know you probably have played this game already, since it has become a huge hit within the past several months. Read on to learn more about the new report from Sensor Tower about how revenue on iOS is much higher than on Android.

Super Mario Run iOS Release Accounts for 77 Percent of all Revenue

It is pretty amazing news that the iOS version of Super Mario Run accounts for about 77 percent of all revenue that the game has made. This report is coming from estimates that Sensor Tower has released, which shows the iOS version beating Android by quite a bit. With Mario Run, the game makes revenue through the actual purchase of the entire game.

It starts off as a free download, but to unlock the game past the third level, you must pay. The entire game will cost you $9.99 to download and that is how revenue is made. There are no in-app purchases within the game and also no advertising. You might be thinking that $9.99 is a high price for a mobile game, but it does unlock all of the levels, which is worth it for some people. Whether you are on iOS or Android, you will have the pay the same price, and neither version comes with any advertising.

The report from Sensor Tower is showing just how much of the revenue is coming from iOS. 77 percent of all revenue is attributed to be coming from Apple’s App Store, and that is significant. Only around 23 percent of the game revenue is coming from Google Play Store for Android devices. There are a couple of different reasons why this might be the case.

Super Mario Run Revenue Higher on iOS Likely Due to Earlier Release

One reason why Mario Run might be so much higher revenue-wise on iOS is because the game was released much earlier for the iOS platform. The game itself released on iOS about three-months before the Android version. Nintendo made the game an iOS exclusive for that amount of time, which meant that revenue was already tilted towards the iOS version. While the game itself was revealed back in September 2016, it did not hit Apple’s App Store until December. When looking at the Android version, it came to Google Play Store in March 2017.

The good news is that Android has increased a little bit during the first part of 2018. Global revenues for the game are now at 35 percent on Android. That is still leaving about 65 percent of revenue coming from iOS, which is still a huge amount and significant gap. Apple has numerous ways for iOS to make more money than Android. Apple has services, subscriptions, and apps available that make more money overall. Android does not have quite the number of services or subscriptions, thus making it harder for Android to generate comparable revenue.

Super Mario Run Revenue on iOS is Pretty Amazing

Even though there are differences between iOS and Android, it is still pretty amazing that the iOS revenue is this much higher. A lot of people prefer iOS to Android when it comes to playing games and signing up for services. Globally, more people have Android devices, but they are often times lower-end Android devices. This means that the number of apps, subscriptions, and services, is going to be lower due to poor storage or data options. So with all of these factors, there are no real surprises that Apple is by far better than Google at generating revenue on mobile platforms.

We want to hear what you think about Super Mario Run. Is this a game you have purchased or did you just try out the free three levels? Do you think that Super Mario run really is worth the $9.99 it costs to purchase the game? What do you think about the revenue gap being so high between iOS and Android? Are you more likely to play the game since it does not have advertising or in-app purchases? Tell us all of your thoughts about the game in the section below because we would love to hear what you think about it.