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Super Mario Run Now Available for Pre-Registration on Android

Dec 29, 2016

If you have an Android device, you should be really happy to know that Super Mario Run is soon coming to the Google Play Store. In fact, Super Mario Run could technically be released at any point in time this week. You are now allowed to pre-register on Google Play in order to be notified the second Super Mario Run hits Android.

Pre-Register for Super Mario Run on Android

If you have been really excited to play Super Mario Run, you do not have to wait too much longer at this point. You are now able to pre-register on Google Play to be notified the minute that Super Mario Run hits the Google Play Store. Super Mario Run was released for iOS just a few weeks ago, and this is Nintendo’s first mobile game ever.

People have been so excited to play this Mario game on iOS, but Android users were left in the dust as this was an iOS exclusive, at least temporarily. If you have seen Super Mario Run on Google Play in the past few weeks, then you are seeing scam games and possible malware. Super Mario Run is not out yet on Android, but very soon it will be coming. The game is $10 to purchase all 24 levels, but you get the first three levels free.

On iOS, Super Mario Run has been downloaded over 5 million times in just the first day. There has been over $5 million in revenue from the game as well. The $5 million in revenue comes from the fact that you must pay $10 to purchase the entire game. Some people are complaining though that this is a little bit too expensive, because the $10 purchase to buy the game happens at once. Instead of having a lot of little purchases in the game, you must pay the entire $10 at once if you want all 24 levels. Currently, there are over 72,000 reviews on Super Mario Run, but out of those the game is only getting 2.5 stars out of 5. Most people on iOS are complaining about paying the $10 at once, with the reviews not really being about the game itself.

When you look at Super Mario Run, the game itself is being compared to Pokemon Go as far as how addicting the game is and how fun it is. Pokemon Go was launched back in July, and the game has actually been declining in the ratings and usage. Even though it has been declining for a while now, it is still one of the top-grossing apps on iOS. When it comes to Android, it appears that there will be millions of people who will be downloading Super Mario Run when it comes out. More people own Android devices than iOS devices, so the numbers we see with iOS will likely be much higher on Android.

If you would like to get Super Mario Run on Android, you can head over to Google Play and hit the button to pre-register right now. We are not sure exactly when Super Mario Run will be coming out on Android but you can bet that it will be in the next couple weeks, if not maybe a lot sooner. There is no doubt that the company already said it will be available in 2017, which really is only a few days away. Will it come out on the first of the month? We are not sure yet, but we know it will be pretty early on in 2017.

Nintendo has a lot of incentive to get Super Mario Run out on Android quickly, with the biggest reason being that there is still so much hype about the game right now. You want to strike while the iron is hot as they say, and the longer Nintendo waits to put Super Mario Run out on Android, the less likely people will be psyched about the game. Since you are now able to pre-register for Super Mario Run on Android, it seems that the game will be coming out very soon, so keep your eyes open regardless of whether or not you decide to pre-register. We will let you know as soon as we know the exact date that Super Mario Run hits Android.