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Sweetgreen iOS App Integrates with Apple Health

Jul 15, 2017

In what likely is a first for a restaurant app, the Sweetgreen iOS app has integrated with Apple Health. This means that the iOS app will log and automatically put your meal calories right into Apple Health. This is definitely something that makes the Sweetgreen iOS app different from a lot of other apps out there. Read on to learn more about the Sweetgreen iOS and how this app can help you count your calories without you doing a thing.

Sweetgreen iOS App Logs Your Meals into Apple Health

Sweetgreen just updated on iOS, and the new update has given you the ability to send the data right to Apple Health. You can send the data from your Sweetgreen order in the cart right to Apple Health, making this one of the first restaurant apps to integrate Apple Health. If you are using your iOS device to help you stay healthy and count the calories, this new option is great since you do not have to do anything to log your meals into Apple Health.

There are other apps out there, such as MyFitnessPal, which allows you to count up all of your meals and then send that information to Apple Health. For people who have a Sweetgreen restaurant near them, this is another tool to use in order to get that information over to Apple Health.

You can include any items in your Sweetgreen cart to send to Apple Health, so you can choose one item or the entire cart. This is cool because with the Sweetgreen iOS app update, you can just select your meal from the cart and then send that information right to Apple Health.

More Sweetgreen iOS App Update Details

You will find the option right there in the cart in the the Sweetgreen iOS app, as long as you have updated to the newest version of the app. There will be an option to “Add to Health” and once you click this, the items you have selected will be added to the data in Apple Health.

When it comes to Apple Health, you usually have to manually enter in the nutritional information and food intake. For people who eat out at restaurants a lot, this can really be a pain. Not only that, but, it also can be difficult to find nutritional information and calorie information on items you order at a restaurant.

There is no standard when it comes to how you can get the information to Apple Health, except by using apps like MyFitnessPal, which can help ease the process. With the new Sweetgreen iOS app update, it could encourage even more restaurants and companies to add this option into their online ordering form. Of course, you have to have a Sweetgreen restaurant near you for this app to be useful. You also need to have iOS 8 or above in order to get the newest version of the Sweetgreen iOS app. The app is 122MB in size, which is not huge, so most people should have room on their iOS device to use this app.

The best part about the Sweetgreen iOS app update is that you do not have to worry about trying to sort or figure out your calories from the meal you just ate at Sweetgreen. If you are someone who is on a very strict diet or you are very calorie-conscious, you will really love this option. Since you can select one item or every item in your cart, it is also easy to just send information from your own meal to Apple Health.

That is definitely better for people who are ordering for the entire family, since you can just choose your item and have that information sent over. Maybe more restaurants and food delivery services will begin offering Apple Health integration now, as that would be useful for millions of people who rely on Apple Health for calorie counting.