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Swiftkey Android Update Brings New GIF Search & More

Aug 6, 2017

We have some news about Swiftkey Android as the new version is going to be bringing a couple new features to the app. Currently, the Swiftkey Android update is in beta. The final version should be released within the next couple weeks. We have all of the latest news about what the Swiftkey update will bring to Android so read on to learn more.

SwiftKey Android Update Adds GIF Search Support

The biggest change that will be coming to the Swiftkey Android app is that the app will now include GIF search support. The new GIF search is already part of the Swiftkey Android beta that is out now. We should expect that the final version will be released in a couple weeks, which would bring the new GIF search support to everyone.

This new feature is going to be so useful because it will allow you to easily find the GIF you are looking for to add to your conversation with friends and family. The Swiftkey Android app will be much more likely to be where you will go if you are trying to find a GIF, which is what the team behind Swiftkey is hoping for.

Another new change coming to the Swiftkey Android app is that there will be seven new languages available for you to use. The languages include Neapolitan, Panglish, Amharic, Dagbani, Coptic, Khoekhoe, and Kabyle. These languages will be added to the final version of the Swiftkey Android app, which is great because more language support is always welcome.

Beyond that, we also see a better Frisian language. The Rusyn layout is also improved in the new Swiftkey update. These will all become available in the final version of the Swiftkey Android app.

How to Get the Swiftkey Android Update

The best way to get the new features for the Swiftkey Android app is to become a beta tester. You can do that by signing up through Google Play Store. Becoming a beta tester is an easy way to try out the new features of the apps like Swiftkey, and it allows you to get a heads up on the new features coming soon.

If you decide to become a beta tester, it is also good to remember that with beta testing, there is a chance that the app will crash or bug out on you a lot more. You also do have a small risk of the beta version completely bricking your Android device, although that rarely happens.

If you do not want to become a beta tester to get the new Swiftkey Android features early, you will then have to wait for the final version to be released to Google Play Store. If you already have the app on your Android device, you just need to enable automatic updates to ensure you get the new version as soon as it is released.

Remember though, often times the Android updates for apps roll out in phases depending on which Android device you own. You also can head over to Google Play Store once the new version is released and manually download it. This is a good option if you do not want to wait for your Android device to get the update automatically since it couple take a couple days to reach your specific device.