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SwiftKey for Android Updates with Text Translation

Oct 2, 2018

SwiftKey for Android has just updated with new text translation, which is great for people who might have language barriers. Microsoft has been aiming to make it easier for people to communicate, regardless of what language you normally speak.

Now, you will have in-app text translation using the SwiftKey keyboard on Android. The two-way translation is found right in the SwiftKey keyboard, which can stop the relentless copy-pasting you might be doing right now. Read on to learn more about the update to the SwiftKey keyboard on Android and the new text translation feature.

SwiftKey Keyboard on Android Adds Text Translation

SwiftKey has just been updated on Android and the new update is bringing you an exciting new feature. Microsoft added text translation into the keyboard, and you can use this within any app on your Android device. If you have conversations with people of different languages, then the new text translation will come in very handy.

One thing we are not sure of right now, is whether or not this new translation feature is coming to the iOS version of SwiftKey. For now, this appears to be an Android-only update with the new translation feature. Microsoft used the Microsoft Translator as the main technology behind the new text translation feature. One cool thing is that the Microsoft Translator app is also getting an update now too. If you download the Microsoft Translator app, you will also be able to use the translation features offline.

So not only is SwiftKey getting this new translation feature, but the Translator app itself is updating to allow for offline use. When SwiftKey was acquired by Microsoft around three years ago, there were more than 300 million users of the keyboard app. That is pretty significant and since then, has grown to an even bigger user base.

Microsoft Brings Text Translation to SwiftKey App

If you are wondering where the new text translation feature will be, it will be on the new Toolbar. Microsoft recently added the Toolbar, which is where users can go in and customize the SwiftKey keyboard. You can add things like your location, stickers, and a calendar from the new Toolbar. You can get to the Toolbar by going to the left side of the keyboard and clicking on the “+” sign.

If you have the text translation feature enabled, you will notice you can go between output language and input language. There are more than 60 languages found in the translation feature, which allows you to communicate with even more people. Just click the button and your incoming texts can be translated into the language of your choice. You also can just click to make your outgoing text message translate into the language that the recipient is fluent in. This new translate feature is going to make things much easier when it comes time to communicate with someone outside of your own language.

Microsoft Adds More than 60 Languages to SwiftKey Text Translation Feature

When it comes to which languages are supported, you will get a ton of the common languages, along with some not so common languages. German, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish are just a few of the languages that can be found in the new text translation feature. There are a ton of other languages too, and you can find them all by downloading the new SwiftKey update for Android.

In the comments below, we want to know what you think about the new SwiftKey update for Android. Are you happy that there is now a new and easy way to translate messages from one language to another? Do you like how you can write in your native language and then translate it into the language of the person you are sending it to with just one click? Are there other text translator apps that you would use instead of using the new SwiftKey keyboard app feature? Let us know in the comments below what you think of this update and how it will help you communicate with friends and family.