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SwiftKey iOS Update Adds New Themes & Languages

May 18, 2017

If you are one of many that have an Apple product, you might be interested in knowing about the new SwiftKey update, which is now available on Apple’s App Store. SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboards available on iOS, and with this new update we see a ton of new offerings. If you are interested in learning more about the new SwiftKey update for iOS, keep reading to learn all about the details.

SwiftKey for iOS Adds New Themes in Update

In one of the biggest changes coming to SwiftKey in this iOS update, we see a lot of new themes. A lot of the themes that are now found in SwiftKey with this update are animated. We first see that the design of SwiftKey has been updated, allowing for both a Nickel Light and Nickel Dark theme to be used. You will notice that the color schemes are much better, the design is a lot flatter, and the keys are a lot wider. Beyond that, SwiftKey itself has a new icon that you will notice on your iOS device.

The new animated themes that you will see in SwiftKey include things like Zig Zag and Cogs. These themes will allow you to see animations under the keyboard keys, although they are subtle and not right in your face. With this new iOS update, the app added in total six new themes that you can use and download. You will love these new animated themes because they are pretty cool looking and not very annoying or distracting since they are pretty subtle overall. Since the animated themes are under the keyboard keys it provides a little unique flair without being over the top.

More SwiftKey Language Support in iOS Update

We also see that in the SwiftKey iOS update, there are 68 new languages. This is pretty amazing because now SwiftKey has a total of 106 languages supported from within the app. This update also means that SwiftKey is now the only iOS keyboard on Apple’s App Store to support this many languages.

If you head to the container app, you will be able to access all of the new languages by selecting “Languages” from within the app. The best part about this is that the app automatically detects the language you are using, which means the app provides you word predictions based on that language. You can download as many languages as you want too, which is pretty nice.

The new language support allows the app to get ahead of the game on Apple’s App Store, being the only app where that many different languages are supported. This also helps people from all over the world use the app because they do not have to worry about miscommunication or errors with their typing, since more than likely, their language will be supported.

You can try out the updated version of this app by going to Apple’s App Store and downloading the app for free right now. If you already have this app on your iOS device, you can wait for the automatic update to hit your device, which should be any day now. If you would rather not wait, you can always head to the App Store and choose to grab the update right now.