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SwiftKey Keyboard Gets New Features in Android Update

Nov 12, 2016

SwiftKey Keyboard recently made some updates to the Android version of its popular app. These updates include a lot of new features and functions, along with some fixes and improvements to the previous interface. Read on to learn more about the Android SwiftKey Keyboard updates.

SwiftKey Keyboard Brings New Features

The first thing you will notice about the SwiftKey Keyboard update is that you now will have more layouts to the keyboard itself. There is a QWERTZ extended layout for both Swiss Italian and Swiss German. The other layout is a Swiss French QWERTZ extended layout. If you prefer to use these keyboard layouts then you are in luck, as now you will be able to on your Android device without problems.


Not only do you get more layouts, but you get the new feature which is Incognito mode. You might recognize Incognito mode from your computer browsers, which is where you basically are in a private browsing mode. In this mode the local data is not being stored, which means your browsing history and web cache will not be stored. Incognito mode on the SwiftKey Keyboard app means that your device and system will not know or learn what you are typing. If you are someone into privacy then you will love this new feature being added to the app.

Bug fixes are also part of this new update, including finally patching some bugs from the previous version. One issue being fixed is the issue causing the keyboard to crash when you are typing in Chinese and moving the cursor around. You will also notice that there is an option available that will allow you to download various themes just by tapping one time. There are other security fixes in this update that are more internal, which is nice because the glitches and issues involving vulnerabilities needed to get fixed before it caused a massive headache for Android users.


These are also great improvements to the app because the crashing issue was very distracting, even if you normally did not use the Chinese feature much. Being able to download the themes just by tapping one time will be useful as well, because you will not be sitting there trying to tap multiple times on the keyboard. It is important to note though that the themes are nt free, and if you want to change your keyboard appearance you can buy the premium themes. You can go into the SwiftKey Hub and click on the “Themes” panel to bring up the premium themes, which of course will cost you money.

SwiftKey Keyboard is really one of the best Android apps out there because it uses artificial intelligence to learn how you type. This means your words will correct to what you are most likely talking about, with the keyboard features and functionality being more in-depth and customizable than the typical keyboard that you have with your Android device by default. You can get all of these new features and updates in the new SwiftKey Keyboard update, which has already hit Google Play so you can download it to your device now.