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SwiftKey smartest keyboard now can guess your sentence two letters ahead of the cursor

Jan 23, 2016

SwiftKey smartest keyboard now can guess your sentence two letters ahead of the cursor: SwiftKey has always been the top and one of the most leading keyboards that is available on android. The keyboard has stunning predictive technology, can predict texts and words quite well. The company has been working for a long time on projects that involve the ability of guessing what the user wants to type and give suggestions. The results are very impressive. Now, using SwiftKey your device can guess and suggest you two letters further from where your cursor is. Gone are the days when you would look ahead, be able to look backwards now, experience the brand new SwiftKey Stats feature today.


The concept is not that complicated and the outcome of what SwiftKey has to provide us is grand and impressive. SwiftKey keeps a track of how much you use a word and predicts your sentence for you. Use the keyboard more and know about its benefits. You can check out the stats regarding what you type about the most and your typing fashion.

For example, you can know about the topic that you talk about the most, the subjects about which you type the most. Whether you are techno savvy or whether you like sports, know about your area of interest. There are chances that you do not know much about yourself, get a chance to know about yourself a lot more than you think you do.

There is more to it, the stats keeps a track of what emojis you use. It marks an emoji as your “Signature Emoji”. This emoji is not your most used one. That would be very boring since it is a simple and monotonous one, rather it is the emoji that you use more that the rest. There is a tracking feature too that tracks the words you use, new and old ones. The SwiftKey Stats feature is only there in Beta. You have to make an account in SwiftKey and the feature will spread around all the devices that you use.

SwiftKey smartest keyboard
SwiftKey smartest keyboard

Find out more about the usage of words and emojis. There are a few features that SwiftKey offers you:


It keeps a track of the topics that you use the most. There are certain categories that show which category you converse the most about. It keeps track of all the fields that you talk about, be it art or sports.


It stores the emoji that you use the most. There is a feature that gives a different visualization. The more you use a certain emoji the greater the emoji appears to be.


This is not the emoji that you use a lot, but the emoji that you use a lot more that how much other people use it. The emoji you use more than an average value is stored.


The SwiftKey stores all the new words you use. The word count starts from null and grows as you use more words.

So are you all excited about the all new stunning feature of SwiftKey? Bored of the monotony, try out something brand new. Get the stunning keyboard in the play store today.