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Swype Keyboard Discontinued on iOS & Android

Feb 22, 2018

We have some bad news if you have been using Swype Keyboard, as the app was just discontinued on both iOS and Android. The developer of the app, Nuance, pulled the app after it being available for only three years. This was something that was announced by the company earlier in the month for iOS.

It was not known the Android app would also be discontinued at that time. The Android app has now officially been announced as being discontinued as well. Read on to learn more about the Swype Keyboard being discontinued on both platforms and how this could affect you.

Swype Keyboard Now Discontinued on iOS & Android

A lot of people missed the announcement earlier in the month where the company had made the decision to stop the Swype Keyboard iOS app. That could have been because it largely was flying under the radar. As it turns out, most people did not pick up the story.

We have now learned though, that the Android app, which was Swype+ Dragon, is also being discontinued. This Android app combined both the Dragon voice dictation with the swipe-to-text feature of the regular Swype app. The Android version was definitely more unique and more useful than the iOS version. That could be why so many people were not very concerned with the announcement of the discontinuation of the iOS app.

The Android app was definitely the most popular due to the voice dictation feature. Now, if you try to search for Swype Keyboard on either iOS or Android, you will not see any results. You will find that Dragon Anywhere, which is one version for iOS, is still present. This is not the best version of the Swype Keyboard app though, and it does not work exactly the same as the regular app. Searching for just Swype Keyboard itself will lead you to no results for the app. Rival company apps are found now in the search, including SwiftKey.

Swype Keyboard Removed from iOS & Android for Good

The worst part about the Swype Keyboard news is that it seems the decision was made to end the app on both platforms for good. Nuance ended up putting out a statement where the company said ending the app was a necessary move for the company. Nuance is now focused more on voice dictation software, which is aimed at vehicles and the medical profession. The more artificial intelligence solutions for businesses is where Nuance is focused at now.

This all means that Swype Keyboard does no longer fit within the goals and missions of the company. That is surely disappointing for a lot of people, because this app was one of the most beloved out of all of the keyboard apps. The good news is that if you have this app on your device already, it should still work. It could eventually stop working completely, but for now, the app still works if it is on your iOS or Android device.

Swype Keyboard Removal Leaves Room for Other Keyboard Apps to Gain Traction

Nuance said that the company is not happy about leaving the consumer keyboard business, but it is important to change in order to develop more artificial intelligence solutions for businesses. This definitely is leaving a void in the third-party app market, although there are many other options out there. Apps like SwiftKey, Gboard, Grammarly, and many more are available for iOS. There are also quite a few Android third-party keyboard apps that you can download, including those we just listed plus hundreds more.

Although many of these apps are super popular, Swype Keyboard was definitely one of the best out there. If you are looking for the most similar app, we would have to recommend SwiftKey, since it uses nearly the same style as Swype Keyboard. By all means, if you know of a good replacement keyboard app for Swype, leave us a comment and tell us. We want to know what type of keyboard app you use and which ones you would recommend to people looking for a new app similar to Swype.