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T-Mobile iOS App Update Adds Business Chat iMessage Support

Apr 14, 2018

If you have the T-Mobile iOS app, then you might want to know about the new update rolling out right now. This new update brings a new feature that allows you to talk in a business chat within iMessage. You might have heard about the ability to use iMessage for your business chats. The support for this feature came with iOS 11.3. There were a ton of new features that were released on iOS 11.3, so you might have missed this feature as one of the cool additions to iOS. Read on to learn more about the business chat option through iMessage on your iOS device.

T-Mobile iOS App Brings Business Chat Through iMessage Ability

The new version of the T-Mobile iOS app will bring the new business chat feature to supported devices. It was only back in iOS 11.3 that Apple added the support for apps to use business chat through iMessage. This new option allows you to get through to a support representative by using the iMessage app. For you, it means that you do not have to call the representative or email them. With the new iMessage option, you also do not have to try to get through to the representative on social media either. You can do this on many different iOS devices, including Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

When it comes to companies that are first when it comes to new ways to talk to the support representatives, T-Mobile has always been one of those companies. That is why this news is not that surprising, since T-Mobile is known for making it easier to get a hold of support representatives. We are still super excited to know that in the T-Mobile iOS app update, you can do the business chat through iMessage. If you have the T-Mobile iOS app already, then you know there is already a ton of support within the app to talk to a representative. That includes chatting with them through social media, calling into the store or through visiting a store.

T-Mobile iOS App Typically One of the First to Bring New Features

With the new ability to use business chat through iMessage, now you can add iMessage to the list of ways you can get through to a T-Mobile representative. In order to use the new feature, all you have to do is first download the T-Mobile iOS app. Once you do that, just login to your T-Mobile account, and you will need to do this through iMessage. After you do that, you will be able to talk to the customer support representative from T-Mobile within no time at all.

It is important to note, that you will need iOS 11.3 in order to use this new business chat feature. Obviously, that is because the business chat feature through iMessage was not supported until iOS 11.3. If you have older iOS devices or are on an older iOS version, this new feature is not supported. You will need to download the T-Mobile iOS app version 3.8.1 through Apple’s App Store.

If this app is already installed on your iOS device, you probably have the new update by now. You will have to go into the Settings to see which version you have. If you have not received the new version yet, you can just head to Apple’s App Store to download it for free. Obviously, you will need to have a T-Mobile account to login to the app and to use the business chat feature.

T-Mobile iOS App One of Few to Support This New Feature

The new business chat feature is still something a lot of companies and brands have yet to incorporate into their apps. T-Mobile is actually the first of the bigger brands to support the new business chat feature. There were some brands that did support the new feature through the first day of sign ups, but since then, no other big names have come on board with the new feature. T-Mobile is the first, and hopefully it will start a wave of more brands supporting the business chat option.

Tell us in the comments what you think of this news. Do you think that the business chat through iMessage is a great way to talk to customer support representatives? Are you worried that the systems will be bogged down with a ton of people using this feature? It could end up making wait times to talk to someone shorter, or it might end up making it longer. We want to hear from you on how you feel about the move.