Monday, November 20, 2017
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Apple iOS 11 Adoption Rates Lagging Behind Previous Versions

Apple just released iOS 11 not too long ago, and a report is already showing that the iOS 11 adoption rates have been lagging...

Hitlist Travel Deal App Comes to Android

We have some good news for Android as Hitlist has finally arrived on Google Play Store. It has been online and on iOS for...

Twitter Tweetstorm Feature Hits Android App

You might not have heard about the Twitter tweetstorm feature before, but it has now arrived on Android. This was previously known as a...

High Noon VR Western Shooter Hits Steam

If you are looking for a new shooter game on Steam, you might want to check out the new addition High Noon VR. This...

New Android Exploit Will Record Your Screen Content

There is a new Android exploit we wanted to talk about. The new exploit is tricking you into allowing for your screen content to...