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If you have not heard about the Amazon Echo Look, you are definitely missing out. We are going to tell you a little bit...

Ford SYNC Update Adds Android Auto & CarPlay Support

If you have a 2016 Ford, you might be interested in knowing that Ford just released an update to SYNC. This new update will...

Microsoft Sway iOS App Gets Major Improvements in Update

Microsoft Sway, which is a digital storytelling app, finally has received an update on iOS. This new iOS update for Microsoft Way brings a...

Steam Trading Cards Update Aims to Stop Abuse

The Steam trading cards economy is getting messed up according to Valve. Valve said that there are games on Steam that are fake and...

SwiftKey iOS Update Adds New Themes & Languages

If you are one of many that have an Apple product, you might be interested in knowing about the new SwiftKey update, which is...