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TAPinto Launches iOS & Android App

Jan 18, 2017

If you are into hyper-local news stories with a social network feel, then you might be interested in TAPinto, which just launched a free app for Android and iOS. TAPinto allows you to get local news and local events from your area and surrounding areas. This is just the latest app to focus on getting Android and iOS users fast news from their own community.

TAPinto Releases iOS & Android App

A lot of people in all age groups are using apps to keep up with local events and news, but often times this is done through the local news channel applications. Now, you have another way to get late-breaking news and current updates about events in your area by downloading TAPinto. TAPinto, which runs on both iOS and Android, will give you all of the news you want from your community with just the click of a button.

You no longer have to go into various apps to find local breaking news and local events news, as TAPinto will give you all of the news you want from your community in one place. TAPinto is a local news publication that now has a dedicated app, and currently has over 5 million readers online. The best thing about TAPinto is that you not only will get breaking news, but you will get promotions and special offers from local businesses as well.

TAPinto app launch

You can download the TAPinto app and then enable push notifications so that you are always on top of the latest news and information in your community. Since TAPinto uses push notifications instead of email communication, you will be getting the news you need without having to read through emails to find the important information out of a story. You also will see the entire news story as opposed to on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter where you only get a piece of the story before you need to click a link to read the rest.

TAPinto gives news networks the ability to send out an entire news story through the push notification option. If you love to be social and share news with your friends and family from your community, TAPinto is going to be a great way to help you pass along information.

TAPinto CEO and publisher, Michael Shapiro, said that it is the goal of TAPinto to provide people with hyper-local news in a more efficient and effective way. Shapiro hopes that other news organizations take note of how TAPinto is using both iOS and Android push notifications to deliver fast-breaking news to those who want to be in the know.

The media landscape and methods to getting news out to readers has changed over the past several years. More people are using their smartphone to get the news they want when they want. More people also are going to Facebook and Twitter to get their news, although as previously stated, often times you are only given a snippet of the news story. TAPinto wants to be the model for all news organizations as far as how you can deliver news to more people, and using social features can help get the news to a wider and younger audience.

TAPinto is also offering many opportunities for franchises in other areas beyond the New York and New Jersey area. You can begin your online newspaper if you live in states like Massachusetts or Maine, which will then also connect with TAPinto for Android and iOS. Right now, TAPinto provides hyper-local news to people in the New Jersey area, but it is expanding out to hopefully reach all states at some point. With apps like TAPinto on both iOS and Android, there is now no excuse not to be connected to local events and information.

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