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Tapjoy Celebrates Billionth App Installs

Aug 11, 2015

A very popular marketing automation and monetization business, Tapjoy, has officially reached one billion total application installs, as of August 6th. Of course, the firm will be celebrating this accordingly.

The San Francisco based company said that it has recently delivered its one-billionth application install to one of its customers, as part of its user acquisition advertising capabilities. It is certainly a sign of how big some of Tapjoy’s customers and partners have become in the extremely popular and ever-expanding mobile application economy.

The Statistics of Tapjoy

Tapjoy have said that in the last six months alone, they have driven more than eighty-million installs for application developers. This means that it has used advertisements, such as online videos, to motivate and persuade users to download and install applications. Out of the total of one billion installs that Tapjoy has provided since the year of 2009, approximately fifty-three percent of which were on Google’s Android operating system. The remaining forty-seven percent of application installs were on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. Out of all the devices which have installed Tapjoy’s applications, the most popular device for installs was Samsung’s Galaxy 3.

tapjoy-2Tapjoy’s product which uses videos to install products has seen the largest growth. This is evident after usage has increased a lot more than eighty-five percent from the previous half of 2014, up to the first half of this year (2015).

The Video-to-Install product allows advertisers to market their application with a rewarded video. This rewarded video provides consumers with a full and bright image of what the developer’s product really is. After viewing this video, consumers are able to choose weather to use and install the application. Consumers who actually chose to install these applications after watching these videos are referred to as ‘high-quality users.’ These users can then drive superior, and lifetime, value for the developer of the application.

It is clear to see that this service is popular for developers around the world.

What Tapjoy Have To Say

“Providing a solution that results in consumers downloading more than a billion apps is a remarkable milestone and a testament to the company’s ability to evolve with the times and stay on the leading edge of app marketing,” Steve Wadsworth said, the current president and CEO of Tapjoy, in a recent statement.

“As app developers have become more sophisticated with user acquisition strategies, their focus — and ours — has shifted to not only driving downloads but gaining highly engaged and valuable users, which is exactly what our Rewarded Video-to-Install, User Engagement, and other products are designed to deliver. We’re thrilled to cross this milestone and look forward to continuing to drive quality user acquisition for app developers and revenue for publishers who use our marketing automation and monetization platform.”

A Conclusion

Tapjoy’s software development kit (also known as an SDK) is used in over 270,000 apps, and it has a global reach of 520 million monthly active users.

It is clear to see that Tapjoy is a very popular firm for both consumers and developers. After reaching its billionth download, it is likely that you have come across them yourself in the past.

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