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Tappable Shortcuts Now on Google Mobile App

Mar 25, 2017

Google is changing the way you search on the Google app on both iOS and Android. The new redesign for the Google app is going to have tappable shortcuts, which will allow you to explore new things based off of the topics that you are interested in. We have all of the latest news about the new Google mobile app update, which is available now on both iOS and Android.

Tappable Shortcuts Come to Google Mobile App

The newly redesigned Google app has tappable shortcuts. These are great additions for users on both iOS and Android. These tappable shortcuts will allow you to see things that interest you, such as weather, sports, and Google translate. The redesign to the Google app hopefully will get more people interested in using Google to look up almost anything and everything they can think of.

When you used the Google mobile app previously, you would have to search for specific things. Google would then give you a link to what you were searching for. If you are into looking up various items of interest though, this new feature will be wonderful. The tappable shortcuts are a bunch of icons that allow you to one click things you are interested in. These icons include food and drink, entertainment, sports, weather, and translate. If you are using the Google app on Android, you will find even more tappable shortcuts available to you.

Those shortcuts include nearby attractions, currency converters, internet speed testers, hotels, and flights. Even better than that is there are even tappable shortcuts to games, such as solitaire, tic-tac-toe, roll a die, and I’m Feeling Curious.

According to what Google wrote on the company blog, these tappable shortcuts now available on the Google mobile app will allow you to stay updated on anything and everything you are interested in no matter where you are. You can see what is on the television; see what is at the movies near you this weekend, and much more on the entertainment tappable shortcuts. You will be able to see what restaurant options are near you using the food and drink shortcut. You also can see recommendations from other people on places to eat or drink near your location.

This is going to make looking up information much quicker, especially if you have a lot of interests in local events, sporting events, or entertainment. You will also love how quick you can access related information and stories, since the tappable shortcuts will take you to even more information you might want to check out.

If you would like to try the new tappable shortcuts, you can find the shortcuts bar underneath the regular Google search bar within the Google app. You will need to have the latest version of the Google app in order to use the new tappable shortcuts option. For now, this new tappable shortcuts feature is only available to people within the United States. We do not know if or when the new feature will be rolling out to other people across the world. It is likely that the tappable shortcuts feature will be available at some point for people in other parts of the world, but there has not been an official release date for the rollout of the feature.

You can head to Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store right now to pick up the latest Google app featuring tappable shortcuts. If you already have the Google app installed on your mobile device, you should be seeing the update right now rolling out through the over-the-air option, if you have that enabled on your mobile device.