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Target Mobile Wallet Feature Hits iOS & Android

Dec 4, 2017

Inside of the Target iOS and Android app is a new feature called Wallet. The new Wallet will be within the iOS and Android apps and it is part of a new update to the Target app. This new feature will allow you to pay using your REDcard. Obviously, you will need to upload and link your REDcard before you can use the new Wallet feature. If you shop at Target, read on to learn more about what the new mobile Wallet feature can offer you as a shopper.

Target Wallet Feature Now Live in iOS & Android

The new Wallet feature found within the Target app is going to help you when it comes to paying with your REDcard. Once you have linked your REDcard to the Wallet feature, you will be able to just scan the barcode of your Wallet and pay right then and there. You also can scan barcodes of coupons, so you will be able to use the coupons at the checkout as well. If you have not heard of a REDcard before, it is the debit and credit card that Target uses. Both the debit cards and the credit cards from Target come with special offers. These are the offers that you will be able to scan and use during checkout with the new Wallet feature.

You will need to for now, have the REDcard in order to be able to use the new Wallet feature. The company said this new feature will be coming for those without the REDcard in the future. We do not know a date yet when the feature will roll out to those without a REDcard though. It is also important to note that you cannot use the gift cards from Target in Wallet yet. This is likely another part of the mobile Wallet that we will be seeing in the future. Target said that through testing, the company found out that using the Wallet feature was much quicker than checking out with other methods. It was four times quicker than methods like using a cashier or the kiosk.

Target Mobile Wallet Feature Adds New Way to Pay

Target had already allowed you to use Apple Pay with the iOS app, so this is just another way you can pay when you go into the store. It is also a good way to promote the Target REDcard debit cards and credit cards. This new way to pay will give you a faster checkout and also makes it better than entering your PIN. We hope that Target will quickly be adding support to pay with Target gift cards, especially since Christmas is almost here. It would be nice to have this feature in the next few weeks since people will be getting gift cards as presents and such.


Walmart also got into the payment business, launching Walmart Pay a while ago. Kohl’s has what they call Kohl’s Pay and CVS has CVS Pay. This makes Target just the next retailer to embrace the mobile payment system. It saves companies money because it will entice more people to use the credit cards and debit cards that the retailers have out there. It also saves money because it does not charge the same processing fees as using traditional debit cards or credit cards.

For the consumer, it is safer since you are not sharing information like your debit or credit card PIN number. If you would like to try out the new feature for yourself, you can download the app right now. The app is free on both iOS and Android, but remember you need a REDcard in order to use the new feature for now.