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Tekken Mobile Pre-Registration Now Open on Android

Aug 19, 2017

Tekken Mobile is about to be released on Android, which is great news for fans of the Tekken franchise. The new mobile game is already stirring up fans of the 90s super hit. You are actually able to pre-register right now for Tekken Mobile, which will come with a few freebies and offers. Read on to learn about the new Tekken Mobile game for Android and what you can expect with this new game.

Tekken Mobile Coming Soon to Android

Bandai Namco announced that Tekken Mobile is coming to Android. While we do not know for sure about how Tekken Mobile will work, it appears it will likely be a free-to-play game. There will likely be a ton of in-app purchases that you can make in the game. The in-app purchases will likely be the biggest way that Bandai Namco will make money from this Android game. There are a ton of things in the game you can unlock and upgrade, including 20 moves for each of the characters. Speaking of characters, there is going to be over 100 of them available in this Android game.

There will be a ton of content that you will be able to check out in Tekken Mobile. As with a lot of the Tekken games, there will be missions and Story Mode is going to be available as well. There will be campaigns that are map-based, which offers unique bosses and a lot of specialized encounters. There will be a Dojo Challenge Mode as well, which is the online battle that allows you to complete in various battles for rewards. There will be Live Event Challenges too, which offers monthly, daily, and weekly events that you can enter into for the chance to win special prizes.

Tekken Mobile Pre-Registration Open Now

The main point we wanted to drive home about Tekken Mobile is that you can now pre-register for the game via the Tekken Mobile website. You will be able to get exclusive items and rewards for pre-registering for the game. Things you could get for free if you pre-register include characters and more in-game currency. The global launch is coming soon, so Bandai Namco is trying to get a ton of people to pre-register for the Tekken Mobile Android release. The cool thing is that the more people pre-register for the game, the more rewards and free items people will get once the game releases.

The only concern some people have about Tekken Mobile being free-to-play with in-app purchases is that it is not known how much of the game is impacted by the in-app purchases. We know that the goal is for the company to make money from the game, but hopefully it will not lead Tekken Mobile to become a “freemium” game where you have to purchase items in the game in order to really progress in the game. There will be characters that you can unlock via the in-app purchases, but hopefully there will also be ways to get the characters by just going into battles and doing missions.

There also no real set release date at this time for this game which is not good news for those who are really excited to play this game on Android. The game has soft-lauched already in Canada, which hopefully means the game will be coming to Android in America within the next couple months. We will just have to wait and see how Tekken Mobile will be handled in terms of the balancing act of this being a free game and the in-app purchasing options. We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of Tekken Mobile for Android and when the release date is announced we will let you know.