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Telegram Brings Silent Message Feature & More to iOS

Aug 12, 2019

Telegram for iOS has updated this past week and one new feature found in the update is Silent Message. There are several other improvements you will find in version 5.10 beyond Silent Message, including new modes. We thought we would tell you all about the changes found in the Telegram iOS app update so read on to learn all of the details.

Telegram iOS App Adds Silent Message Feature

Version 5.10 is the newest version of Telegram for iOS and several new features can be found in this update. We wanted to tell you first about the new Silent Message feature. This feature allows you to send messages to people without any sound. It doesn’t matter the notification settings on the device of the person you are sending the message to.

The recipient of your message will get the notification like normal, but there won’t be any sounds attached. This is a great new feature because you have the ability to send your messages without the other person hearing any sounds. The fact you can do this regardless of the notification sound settings on the recipient device is really cool. Silent Message isn’t the only new feature found in this update either, and we wanted to tell you about the other changes too.

Silent Message & New Slow Mode Hits Telegram iOS App

Beyond Silent Message, there is also a new slow mode that’s available for the group chats. The administrator can set limits on how many messages people can send in a given period of time.We love this new addition and think many people will find it useful in certain situations.

If you are the administrator, you could set slow mode to only allow one message every 30 seconds or every 60 seconds. Slow mode is a nice addition because you will be able to control how frequently people send messages within the group chat, which can help keep the conversations moving at a nice pace.

There’s also a bunch of new accent colors found in the Night Mode, which is really cool. This means you can customize your night theme to anything you want. Just go into the “Settings” and choose “Appearance” to get to these new accent colors. While a lot of apps have night mode or a dark theme, not many apps have the ability to customize the accent colors like Telegram just added.

Telegram iOS Update Brings Custom Titles for the Group Administrators & More

There are other changes in Telegram version 5.10 for iOS too, such as the custom title ability. If you are an administrator, you can give yourself a customized title. This could be anything you want such as “Group Momma” or “Spam Fighting Admin” or anything you want. Whatever you want your title to be as the administrator of the group chat you can do now with this customization ability.

You also now have the ability to toggle the looped playback on the animated stickers, and you can get to this by going into the Settings. Once you are in Settings just go to Stickers and you will see the toggle for looped playback. Lastly, you also can send a single emoji in a chat to add the animated emojis.

You can find all of these new changes, including Silent Message, in Telegram version 5.10 for iOS. It’s a free download through Apple’s App Store so if you don’t have this messaging app already, now might be the time to check it out. After trying out the new Telegram iOS app, we want to know what you think of the changes. Do you like the accents you can now add to the dark theme? Are you a fan of the new Silent Message feature? What other additions do you hope to see come to the Telegram iOS app in the future?