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Telegram iOS App Back After Being Removed for Inappropriate Content

Feb 3, 2018

Good news if you have the Telegram iOS app on your device, as the app is now back in Apple’s App Store after being removed. The app was removed due to inappropriate content in the app. It fell short of the content rules Apple put in place. Telegram was off of Apple’s App Store for over 24 hours. That was pretty concerning for people who use the app. Read on to learn more about what caused Telegram to be removed from Apple’s App Store and how this could impact other apps in the future.

Telegram iOS App Removed For Short Time From Apple App Store

It was a long 24-hours for people who wanted to know why the Telegram app was abruptly removed from Apple’s App Store. The Telegram iOS app was removed for over a day due to inappropriate content. This came after Telegram rewrote and launched the Telegram X app, which was on Android.

The Telegram X app is in testing for iOS devices, and it was also removed along with the normal Telegram iOS app. Telegram put out a statement saying Apple alerted them to the removal of both apps from Apple’s App Store due to inappropriate content. Telegram was quick to tell people that it would be back on the iOS App Store once the company removed the inappropriate content.

We still do not know which inappropriate content it was that got either Telegram app removed from Apple’s App Store. When you look at the guidelines that Apple released, there is a stipulation in there. The stipulation is that any inappropriate content needs to have a filter in place to block the content. Also, in the guidelines you have to give people using the app a way to block and report the inappropriate content. So, there is a chance that something inappropriate was getting through the filters that the developers used. Either that or the developers did not make a way for someone to report the inappropriate content. It is also possible they did not try to block something inappropriate in the first place.

Telegram iOS App Has Become Very Popular Lately

Another reason why the removal, but then reappearance of Telegram on iOS is so important. Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps out there, because of the focus on privacy and security. The app has end-to-end encryption and it allows you to use advanced security options and features. Telegram is definitely one of the more secretive messaging apps, which is why it gets a ton of criticism by governments from all over the place. The governments speaking out about Telegram has only made more people interested in the app and likely is why it now is so popular with people.

The governments all try to say that Telegram is basically a messaging app that enables terrorists to communicate. When it comes to most people though, they are just worried about privacy and security. That is why the end-to-end encryption is so good. As for why Telegram was removed from the App Store, it is likely something to do with the experimental Telegram X.

Telegram X is aimed at being a lot smoother and quicker than the normal Telegram. We do not even know if Telegram X is going to ever officially be released. The company said it might or might not ever replace the regular Telegram app. For now, we are happy to have Telegram and Telegram X back on Apple’s App Store. We hope that whatever inappropriate content was there has been fixed for good. Tell us in the comments what you think of Telegram. We also want to know whether or not you use this encrypted messaging app.

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