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Telegram iOS Update Adds Expandable Notifications & More

Oct 3, 2018

The Telegram iOS app has updated this week with several new features, including expandable notifications. This is just the latest update to Telegram recently, and you can find the new features in Telegram 5.0. It is live right now in Apple’s App Store and the over-the-air update should be rolling out to your iOS device very soon. We have all of the latest details about the new Telegram iOS update, including the new expandable notifications. Keep reading to learn all about what you will find in Telegram version 5.0.

Telegram iOS Update Brings Expandable Notifications

One of the biggest new additions to the Telegram iOS app are expandable notifications. Once you get a message in Telegram, you can now pull down to see the relevant chat. This allows you to see what the text message was that came through Telegram without opening the app itself.

You will no longer need to ignore those Telegram messages if you are in the middle of doing something else. Just pull down in order to see the new text, which is part of expandable notifications. If you are reading articles or even viewing media, you should be able to use the new expandable notifications feature.

In the Telegram 5.0 update for iOS, you will also find that the unread counter has changed slightly. You will now see the amount of unmuted chats you have with unread messages. This allows for a much sleeker unread counter since it will limit the unread counters you have.

Previously, Telegram would show you all of the unread messages, even if they were coming from a muted group. Now, you will only see the unread messages from those unmuted groups and unmuted chats. This is just one of the many new improvements that you will see in the new Telegram iOS app.

Expandable Notifications are Only Part of New Telegram iOS App Update

While the expandable notifications might be the best part of the new Telegram iOS update, it is not the only change coming with this update. You will also notice that the busy chat navigation has also been improved. With the new update, you can sort your chats by date and also see the date of when those messages were sent. Viewing these chats is much easier now and the new sort feature gives you a lot of options when it comes to organizing your old sent chats.

With the new Telegram version 5.0, you will also find it is much quicker than the previous app. The previous app was pretty quick, but version 5.0 is even quicker. This new Telegram app will look like the old one, but run better in terms of battery life. It is based on the Swift language, which is the new technology coming from Apple. The Swift language is supposed to make the new Telegram the quickest messaging app out there today.

How to Get Expandable Notifications with Telegram on iOS

If you would like to check out the new expandable notifications, then you just need to download the new Telegram iOS app. The new version of Telegram for iOS is version 5.0, which is available right now in Apple’s App Store. If you have this app on your iOS device, then you might see the over-the-air update within the next few days if you have not already. We definitely love the new expandable notifications in the Telegram app, and think that it will come in very handy for many people.

Once you have tried the new expandable notifications feature, we want to know what you think about it. Will this be helpful for when you are viewing media or reading various articles? Do you like that you will be able to keep up with conversations just by pulling down once you get the notifications? Have you found that the new Telegram version 5 is quicker than the previous versions of Telegram? What other messaging apps do you use on a normal basis? Are you going to be using Telegram more on iOS due to the quickness of it and overall performance enhancements?