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Telegram Now Supports Multiple Accounts on Android

Dec 31, 2017

We have a new Telegram update to tell you about which allows you to now have multiple accounts. This new update is rolling out as version 4.7 on Android and the multiple account support is the highlight of the update. A previous update rolled out to Telegram on Android earlier in the month, but we are most excited about the Telegram 4.7 update. If you have Telegram on your Android device, read on to learn more about this new update.

Telegram Adds Support for Multiple Accounts in Android Update

We are excited to be telling you about the new Telegram Android update, which is now up to version 4.7 on Google Play Store. The biggest new feature to hit is the support for multiple accounts, which is a feature people have been asking for now for a while. You will be able to use different telephone numbers with the multiple account support.

Previously, you had to either do app cloning or use parallel apps in order to access multiple accounts. This would be very useful for someone who is using multiple phone numbers. It would allow you to easily login between your different accounts on Telegram. It also could be useful for people that are sharing the same Android device but have separate Telegram accounts.

Beyond the support for multiple accounts, there are also a couple of other changes on Android. In the Android 4.7 update to Telegram, there is also a new “Swipe to Reply” feature. You now can just swipe left on the message itself in order to reply to it. This is going to allow you to be more social and productive since it allows for super quick replies to the messages on your Telegram account. This was another requested feature that people have been asking for, and Telegram finally listened to the users.

Telegram Android App Supports Multiple Accounts & More

You can find the new Telegram update right now live in Google Play Store. The version you will need to download is version 4.7. That is the newest update and the one that features both multiple account support and the quick-reply feature. If you already have the Telegram Android app on your device, you should be seeing the update rolling out now. It might take a day or two for everyone to get the update automatically, so do not worry if you are not updated yet. If waiting is not your thing, you can go ahead and download the update manually through Google Play Store.

With these new features, it will definitely make fans of the Telegram app happy. The features themselves are not Earth-shattering or really that significant, but they are if you are one of the people waiting for these features. So let us know in the comments what you think of this new Telegram Android update. Are you happy to see the support for multiple accounts on Telegram? Do you think that the new quick-reply feature is a step in the right direction for the Telegram app. We know that Android is getting a lot of new features that iOS still does not have, so are you excited with the new updates?