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Telegram X Swift Replacing Regular Telegram App on iOS

Sep 28, 2018

If you have Telegram on your iOS device, you might want to know that Telegram X Swift is replacing the regular messaging app. This new app is rebuilt from the ground up. The new Telegram X is where you will migrate in the coming weeks. When it comes to Telegram, the company has had two different messaging app versions this year across both platforms.

Telegram X itself was announced at the beginning of 2018, so you might have heard of it before. Back then, it was just an experimental app with an uncertain future. It appears Telegram has finally decided to bring Telegram X Swift to iOS as the replacement for the main Telegram app. Read on to learn more about the Telegram X Swift app for iOS.

Telegram X Swift Replacing Telegram on iOS

Telegram X Swift is about to be released as a replacement on iOS. This really is great news for people on iOS who use this popular messaging app. Telegram will be migrating all of the iOS users to the Telegram X Swift app in the coming weeks. So since the beginning of this year, there have been two versions of Telegram out there, one for iOS and one for Android. Telegram X was first said to be an experiment when it was released back in January. Telegram now is saying that Telegram X Swift is going to replace the main Telegram app for iOS.

Within the next week or two, those on iOS will migrate to the new Telegram X Swift app. This app has been built from the ground up. You will notice that the new Telegram X Swift app is much quicker than the other version out now for iOS. Not only is it much quicker, but the user interface has a much sleeker and better design overall. The app is more efficient as well, and you will notice this immediately once you load up Telegram X Swift. The new codebase could be the reason why this new iOS app is so much better.

Telegram X Swift Soon Releasing on iOS to Delight of Many

Since Telegram X Swift has a new codebase, we would not be surprised if a few minor issues are found as the weeks move on. The good news is that the Telegram team is going to act quickly to fix any issues that might arise as the migration takes place. With this new change, Telegram will become the most popular messaging app out there that is written in Swift.

This is a little risky for Telegram, but these risks have to be taken. You must take the risks in order to utilize the new technologies that are becoming available. One thing we do not know right now is whether or not this app will be the main one for Android. Both versions are still running on Android at this point. It is not known whether a full migration will happen to Telegram X will happen on that platform.

The only bad part about Telegram X Swift on iOS is that you cannot use this for iOS 6 or lower. That is because Swift apps are not supported on those running iOS 6 or earlier. For most people, this is not that big of an issue. On iOS, most people are on iOS 10 or 11 at this point. Some people are still on iOS 9, but as long as you are above iOS 6, the Swift apps are supported. We do not think hardly anyone is still running iOS 6 or below anymore.

Telegram X Swift Has Great Reviews on Apple’s App Store

Telegram X Swift has been available all year for people on iOS to download. If you look on the App Store, the reviews of this new version are pretty great. The Telegram Swift app has earned 4 stars out of 5. These reviewers definitely can tell how much quicker this app is compared to the original.

In the reviews, you also do not see many people complaining about bugs or other issues, which is great news. Telegram Swift might not become the main app on Android due to fragmentation issues, but on iOS it definitely looks to be a star. The animations are a lot sticker too, and you will love how much better the app is when it comes to battery use.

If you have yet to try out Telegram X Swift on iOS, you can check it out for yourself right now. It is free to download on Apple’s App Store. Since Telegram is migrating users to this new app on iOS, you can always wait for the migration to happen if you would like. We want to know whether or not you have tried out the new Telegram app yet on iOS. If you have, what were the things you liked and disliked about this app? Do you hope that Telegram X Swift replaces the regular Telegram app on Android too? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of this app.