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Top 5 Games like Terraria – Best Alternatives in 2018

Feb 23, 2017

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Terraria, it is basically the 2D version of Minecraft. That is why Terraria is also all about creating, collecting and defeating monsters. In this 2D sandbox adventure game, you basically can create your own world, as well as destroy it. That is why the worlds in Terraria consist of vast landscapes, which you can completely dig into.

Both above and below the ground, there are a lot of things you can do in Terraria. There are no restrictions whatsoever. Therefore, Terraria offers something for everyone. For example, you could create a beautiful fantasy home for yourself, craft weapons to slaughter monsters or you can dig an almost infinitely long tunnel. The only thing that is pretty important in this game is that you have a safe place for yourself, so you can hide from different enemies.

Terraria is currently available for Windows and Mac OSX, as well as the PS Vita, PS3, Android and iOS. This means that you can enjoy playing the game on a Full HD screen, or while you’re commuting to your work or school. In this article, we are going to take a look at a top five list of games that are very similar to Terraria, in case you wanted to try out something new.

5. Craft the World

Number five on our list is called Craft the World. It is a 2D sandbox game, which has similar features as in Terraria. In Craft the World, you can roam around the world to collect all kinds of different objects and materials. You can also find armor pieces, and equip your character with them to protect yourself. In Craft the World, you will also find dwarves, and you’ll soon find out that they are very important to your gameplay. The goal in Craft the World is to be as quick as possible, and create a dwarf fortress for yourself, so enemies can’t attack you.

Craft the World was released in November, 2014 and has an 81% score on Steam. While it is quite similar to Terraria when it comes to gameplay, it still has a very different style. You can buy Craft the World for $18.99 on Steam, and it is available on both Windows and Mac OSX.

4. Survivalcraft

Number four on our list is called Survivalcraft. This entertaining mobile game is in 3D, which makes it look and feel like Minecraft, yet it features similar gameplay to that in Terraria. This game uses blocks as its roots, which makes them the basis for everything that you can build. You also have weapons in Survivalcraft, which can be used to fight off monsters. There are also animals in Survivalcraft, which you can ride on and travel throughout different worlds.

Other features include blowing up large chunks of blocks so that you are able to build there. You can even make complicated electronic devices that you can use for various things. Since Survivalcraft is a mobile game, you are only able to find it on Android and iOS for $3.99.

3. Minecraft

Number three on our list is called Minecraft. Perhaps one of the most popular sandbox adventure games that are available today, Minecraft definitely has many features in it that you will also find in Terraria.

The only main difference is that Minecraft has 3D graphics. It has millions of active players all around the world, and its popularity seems never ending.

Minecraft is a game where your imagination is the limit. You can create everything using the blocks in the game. Create different kinds of buildings and machines. Forge different kinds of weapons and armor for yourself to fight off zombies, spiders and other monsters. Adjust the world to your own liking. All of this happens in a colorful world full of blocks. You can either choose to survive, or you can play it creatively and simply build whatever you would like to.

The price for Minecraft differs, depending for which device you are purchasing it. If you want the PC/MAC version of the game, it will cost you approximately $27. The console version of the game approximately costs $20. The Android and iOS versions both go for around $7.

2. Starbound

Number two on our list is called Starbound. The game is larger than other sandbox games, which means that the worlds are much larger compared to the worlds in Terraria. Starbound is a sandbox adventure game that features a spaceship. You can use that spaceship to travel to other planets and investigate them. Of course, you can also construct buildings and more!

The main goals of Starbound is to survive, protect, build and investigate other planets. The experience becomes even greater thanks to the unlimited amount of planets you can visit. Thanks to the fact that the game has been released officially, and is out of early-access, it also plays much better. There are no more issues of save files getting corrupted etc. The game is available on Steam, costs $14.99 and can be played on Windows, OSX and Linux.

1. Junk Jack X

Number one on our list is Junk Jack X. This game is very much like Terraria and Minecraft, yet it has a very different style compared to both of those games. The features and 2D graphics are quite similar; however, developer Pixbits has given Junk Jack X a twist. Building a house is crucial in Junk Jack X, because you will have to defend yourself against monsters. You’ll also have to immediately start looking for food so that you can replenish your in-game health.

The fact that you can play Junk Jack X together with your friends makes it much better. The game also gets updated regularly, improving the gameplay and the visuals. For example, you will see snowfall during the winter season, which adds a nice atmosphere to the game.  Junk Jack X is available on Steam at a price of $14.99, as well as on iOS at a price of $4.99.

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