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    The Simpsons Tapped Out Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide

    Feb 9, 2017

    The end of the Mayan calendar, and the ensuing apocalypse, proved to be quite the cash cow for marketers and creative teams around the country. It wouldn’t be presumptuous to assume the developers at EA turned to the volkgeist for inspiration when drawing up the framework for “The SimpsonsTM : Tapped out”. Released in 2012, Tapped Out follows Homer Simpson, who accidently initiates nuclear meltdown, as he attempts to rebuild Springfield while rescuing his friends and family.

    Upon its release the game was wildly successful, so much so that EA had to pull it for a brief period as it restructured its servers to meet heavy demand. Tap Out started out as an exclusively iOS game and was later released for Android in 2013. Nevertheless, be wary of giving this game to your kids, it is rated as suitable for ages 12 and up, and if you’re familiar with the Simpson’s you know why: frequent references to drugs and alcohol, cartoon violence, and some simulated gambling.

    Cheats & Tips for The Simpsons Tapped Out

    Initially I encountered some issues with connecting to the Network, although I was on a secured Wi-Fi connection, the game frequently disconnected unless I was in very close proximity to the router. To ensure smooth gameplay and few disruptions, make sure your mobile device is on a constant and reliable connection to the internet. Also, make sure you have quite a bit of space on your device, the app is initially around 200mb and it updates frequently.

    As far as navigating the game, for full immersion I would recommend completing the quest lines for each character, however, if you’re more into gaining xp and donuts then I would recommend completing the tasks as quickly as possible, however, this may lead to issues if you decide to pursue the quest line narrative later on in the game as the quests usually require prerequisite actions that may or may not have been satisfied by the tasks, and in certain cases the tasks when completed in a nonlinear fashion, can disrupt linearity required of the quests. Both way it’s a personal choice and neither option is necessarily superior to the other and obstacles arising thereof can be easily remedied through completion of prerequisite tasks or quests.


    Within the game the game you get incentivized in three distinct ways. First there is cash, which is gained through quests, tasks, and activities. Cash can be used to purchase property and items within the game. Secondly, there is xp, xp is gained simultaneously with cash when your character completes tasks or quests, xp is used to level up. There are 46 levels in the game, as you advance within the levels more xp is required to reach the next level. Lastly, there are donuts. Donuts can be used as cheats to help you advance quickly in the game, as opposed to merely completing a task you can often times use donuts to lower the barriers to completion. Donuts are occasionally given in the game and can be purchased through the app using real world money.

    As with most “freemium” games, If you can afford to shell out cash for donuts it’ll help you advance much quicker than grinding it out however, if you’re adamant in not using real world money then I would highly recommend saving up your donuts as much as possible. When you first start the game it will incentivize you with quite a bit of donuts and cash to get you going, if you play your cards right you can end up with over 50 donuts by the end of the tutorial. However, you have to be careful when going to the internet to find free donuts and cash for Tap Out. There are many sites and forums which claim they can sell you donuts, cash, and xp, but if it isn’t EA I would be reluctant to fork over my hard earned money to a faceless stranger on the internet. Although some of these websites may legitimately have hacks for the game, from my understanding this is only possible on older versions of android anyway, there are many more websites who seek to scam users by relying on the popularity of the game.

    Simpsons Tapped Out Walkthrough Guide

    Before starting the game make sure to properly set up your Origin account with your factual information, even if you sign up with Facebook it’s better to have the Origin account to save your progress in the game. The game starts off with a forced tutorial for the first few levels, followed by a more casual walkthrough of the features. Although it’s tempting to just dive in and try to figure it out as you go, it will be much more beneficial to your long term interest to remain patient throughout the tutorials. This minor early investment will pay huge dividends as you progress because it will serve as a solid foundation upon which to develop.

    Early on your primary interest should be to construct premium houses to earn max xp and cash. While developing Springfield you have the option of organizing the town as you please, or conforming to the layout as it’s known on the television show, thus gaining points on the “conform-o-meter”. Whether or not you’d like there to be continuity between the mobile game and the features of the television show is really a matter of personal preference, your gameplay won’t be affected wither way. Although it’s good to build as many premium houses as possible, you want to diversify the types of houses you construct. If you build too many of one type of house the game will ultimately penalize you , for example if you only construct red houses you will eventually lose xp and cash.


    To make the best use of your time I would recommend creating fast properties when you expect to return to the game fairly quickly, and to build some long term properties if you don’t plan on returning to the game for a few days. To maximize your earnings you have to make us of your time actively playing the game, and passively as time goes on in the real world. To do this I would usually focus on quick, easy tasks while I was actually playing the game and if I planned on playing again later that day I would create several quick buildings which would form in several hours so when I returned they would be ready. However, if I were expecting to go out of town for the weekend with my family, I would create several properties that took several days to complete, so by the time the weekend was over I could cash in on some premium properties.

    That’s it for tips, here are a few cheats to help you max out your xp, cash, and donuts!

    1. Many buildings have special abilities, try and take advantage of these whenever you can to create extra revenue for your character. For example, the farm can grow crops, these can be harvested and sold to generate revenue.

    2. If you purchase the Springfield Sign you will get 4.50% money and xp bonuses every time you complete a job.

    3. When homer is playing with his myPad, tap him 10x to unlock a premium ability which will give you 10 donuts and a Jedidiah Springfield statue which maxes out vanity rating.

    4. To earn more revenue always keep your character employed.

    5. Make sure to sync with the EA servers often so any tasks they have on their side can get sent to you as soon as they’re available.

    Review and Ratings

    Visually the game wasn’t stunning, very simple in terms of layout and boring from an outsider’s perspective. Nonetheless, this is a strategy game where graphics aren’t necessarily the focus, what it lacks in aesthetic pleasure it more than makes up for in content. Although I was impressed by the lengths taken by the developers to ensure that the introductions and tutorials thoroughly prepare you for the game, this underlies the fact that there is nothing intuitive about this game, it lacks the minimalism which has come to define many of the most popular games today. This is not a game you play casually, it requires an immense time commitment and a willingness to learn and grow slowly. If you’re looking for something to pass the time I would not recommend Tapped Out.

    However, if you’re into multi-level, complex games, this is the game for you.

    As far as addictiveness it really depends on your preferred style of gameplay. I personally didn’t find the game addictive, closer to monotonous and repetitive, I felt constantly inundated with text, stories, and tasks from the game. 46 levels seemed akin to climbing the Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacán. The bland colors and music only further reminded me why the Simpson’s might have been better left in the 90s rather than overextended such a well-known brand.

    Nonetheless, artistic qualms aside I found the online community to be quite a passionate and pleasant group of people who were more than happy to help me navigate this alien terrain. After completing the tutorial the game actually began to grow on me and the repetitiveness turned to progress as my efforts were placed within context of the overall story mode.

    Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised that I did find some enjoyment in playing this game, as it does deviate from my normal preferences, however the frequent disconnects, server side issues, and syncing issues have convinced me the complexity of this game would be much better suited to a PC or console format, rather than being forced into a mobile app.

    Overall I’d give it a 6.7 out of 10

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