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The Weather Channel App Receives Major Revamp

Oct 30, 2015

The Weather Channel application has just received a major makeover. Being one of the most popular weather applications, it is important that the developers keep the interface looking nice and easy to use – it’s good to see that The Weather Channel taking this into account. The latest version is 7.0 and is now available to everybody.

A Very Personalised Experience


Anyone who uses the new iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S plus should be extremely pleased to hear that the application now takes advantage of 3D Touch. When pressing on the applications icon on the home screen with a bit of force, users will be greeted with four new options – opening the radar, seeing saved locations, viewing weather at the current location, or sharing the weather with contacts.

There are also some more features on top of that. Arguably the best addition is the dynamic screen, which allows users to see the current weather conditions along with three other pieces of information. The additional information will depend on, and is based on, the location, how severe the weather is, and the time of the day. There is also a 15-day forecast available for everyone who uses the weather Channel application, which allows users to plan their future days in advance.

Television within the Weather Channel

The Weather Channel application also brings some television to the forecast. There is now new morning show, which is only available for those on mobile devices. The new show on The Weather Channel application, The Lift, is aired every weekday from 6 AM until 11 AM. The broadcasting time will be in the user’s own time zone, and will feature the latest breaking weather news, as well as any nature stories and the most interesting science – interesting and entertaining viral videos will also be shown on occasion. This show on The Weather Channel application is hosted by a very popular weather personality and meteorologist called Al Roker.

Apple Watch Support

On top of the new features, The Weather Channel now supports the Apple Watch – it is now even easier to check the weather on the go using wearable by Apple.


The Weather Channel application is made for the iPhone, but also works with iPod touch. It is a completely free download from the App Store, however, it does have advertisements – these can be removed with $3.99 in-app purchase, which will last for one year before requiring renewal.

There is also another The Weather Channel application available for the iPad, which is free to download just like the iPhone version – the in-app purchase is still available, at the same price of $3.99. The iPad version was updated last in June this year.

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