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There’s a new WhatsApp shakedown, group member limit upgraded from 100 to 256. What does it mean?

Feb 6, 2016

There’s a new WhatsApp shakedown, group member limit upgraded from 100 to 256. What does it mean?: The Instant Messaging (IM) platform, WhatsApp, is one of the most famous and the most widely used messaging app of today’s time. According to the latest stats WhatsApp receives 42 billion messages per day, 1.6 billion photos per day and 250 million videos per day and it has 1 billion groups. Therefore, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most secured and the best chat clients for the mobile users.


One of the most useful features of WhatsApp is its group facility, it comes handy when group conversations become necessary. With the recent update the users can now add 256 members to their group instead of 100, which was the previous maximum limit. People have been thinking about the reason behind selecting such an odd number, but this might have been done for two reasons, either because of platform and server restrictions or may be this is just a testing stage where WhatsApp wants to see the way the users, the group admins and the businessmen make use of this update, and accordingly they might bring about the other necessary changes to the number.

WhatsApp is now being owned by Facebook and though Facebook had ascertained that they will keep the platform free, yet there are chances that they might monetize this platform because Facebook had bought WhatsApp to earn money and not to provide free Instant Messaging App to the users.

This new plan of increasing the group member limit to 256 members might just be the way through which Facebook will try to increase its revenue of WhatsApp. The WhatsApp groups are used by users and businessmen to sell and publicize their products among the other users. Many a times we receive spam messages on WhatsApp by strangers and as the number of group members will increase the number of these spam messages will also ascend. Also, it will become convenient for the group admins to involve more members to the group and spread their messages to more users.

Groups are also used by businessmen to advertise their products.It is being considered that Facebook is trying to monetize this section with the help of advertising. Facebook might even sell the platform for a fee to those admins who would want to have more users in their group. So, if users want to add more members than 256 then they would have to pay a considerable sum for that.

But before doing all this, Facebook should lay down guidelines in regard to the spam messages so as to avoid dissatisfaction among the users. Just like the block feature, some other facilities should also be introduced which would help in the smooth functioning of 1 to 1 users in the long run.

Facebook is yet to make any official statement in regard to its marketing and advertising details and therefore its monetizing plans are still not confirmed. Nevertheless, this is for sure that the users will be receiving more spam messages in the near future.