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Tidal Brings Master Quality to Android in Newest Update

Jan 10, 2019

Be on the lookout if you are subscribed to Tidal because master quality is finally coming to those on Android. These master quality recordings have been something people on Android have wanted for a long time. We are super excited for this new feature, but it will only be available if you have the HiFi subscription of Tidal and currently are using the Android app. This move was just announced and we have all of the latest information regarding master quality coming to Android.

Master Quality Now Coming to Android HiFi Subscribers

We are super excited to tell you about the new feature being added to the Tidal Android app. This new feature will bring you master quality recordings, but only if you are a HiFi subscriber to the Android Tidal app. The new master quality is made possible thanks to the fact that there is a MQA decoder that will be put into the Android app in the newest update.

This MQA decoder will allow you to have optimal audio quality regardless of which devices you are on. The experience will give you the ability to listen to master quality music moving between your Mac and Windows version and your Android device.

Another great thing about the MQA decoder is that you will be able to maintain this master quality whether you are online or you are offline. The iOS version of Tidal and the desktop versions had already received the master quality feature quite a long time ago. Now, Android will get the master quality feature, so it will bring Android in line with those other platforms. If you did not know, the master quality is the best-quality audio recordings available within Tidal. More and more parts of the Tidal catalog are now offering this master quality version for those HiFi subscribers.

Master Quality Comes to Tidal Android App & It’s Been a Long Time Coming

The move to bring master quality to the Tidal Android app has been a long time coming. We are happy that the Android app is now on par with the iOS app and the desktop versions of Tidal. Considering that more master quality recordings are available in Tidal, it makes perfect sense that the feature is coming to Android. MQA if you did not already know is a type of audio codec, and Tidal partnered with MQA about two-years ago. This partnership allowed Tidal to stream this master quality audio include of WAV or FLAC without giving up a lot of bandwidth.

Another good thing about this move is that we are hopeful that the music industry itself will now increase how many albums end up becoming available in the MQA format. There are a lot of MQA albums already on Tidal, including those from independent labels. MQA even has deals in place with three of the biggest labels in the music industry.

We are hopeful that these deals with the music labels will bring more albums into the MQA world and that they will make it onto Tidal in the future. Hopefully, Tidal will have more master quality offerings thanks to the Android inclusion and deals with the music companies. Consumers are definitely willing to pay for the master quality recordings and Tidal is proof of that.

Will the Tidal Move be a Signal to Other Music Streaming Services?

One thing that we do not know but are hopeful about is that this will be a signal to other music streaming services. Since Tidal is able to get people to pay for these high-quality audio recordings, will other services also begin offering them? There is YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Amazon Music just to name a few of the other music streaming services. Will these companies take a step like Tidal and begin offering higher-quality audio recordings to people at a price? We will have to wait and see about that, but it is possible that could be coming in the future.

If you would like to try out the new master quality recordings, you must enroll into the HiFi subscription on Tidal and download the app. The new feature is rolling out to those on Android already, so you should be seeing it arrive on your device within the week. We want to know what you think about this feature and the MQA overall.

Are you someone who is willing to pay for the higher-quality music or can you not tell the difference between various audio qualities? Do you think the other music streaming services will follow Tidal and bring high-quality recordings to their services too? What else would you like to see Tidal add as a feature or service on the mobile apps? Let us know what you think about this move in the comments below. If you use another streaming services besides Tidal, tell us about that in the comments below too.