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Tiny Tower Vegas Cheats, Tips & Tricks for 2018

May 12, 2017

You might have heard about a game called Tiny Tower, which was released a couple of years ago. In that game, your goal was to build a tower, and successfully manage the businesses in that tower. NimbleBit, the developers behind Tiny Tower, decided that it is time to give the game a little twist. The twist is in the form of a new game, called Tiny Tower Vegas. Just like the title of the game suggest, in Tiny Tower Vegas, your goal is to create a successful Vegas plaza, casino and hotel. On top of that, you also need to make sure to keep your employees in check.

Tiny Tower Vegas has actually done very well for itself. The game has between one and five million downloads, which is excellent. Next to that, you will see that it currently has amazing ratings. Tiny Tower Vegas has a 4.5 star rating on iOS App Store. It also has a 4.1 point rating on Google Play Store. If you are into casual games, and you would like to build and manage your own Vegas plaza, casino and hotel, Tiny Tower Vegas is definitely a game you need to play.

Tiny Tower Vegas has already been around for a couple of years. The last update for the game was back in March, 2016. This means that the developers probably won’t be adding new features to the game. However, they have been consistent in fixing bugs over the past. In its current form, you will be able to enjoy Tiny Tower Vegas without any hiccups. While Tiny Tower Vegas is free to play, you should expect advertisements and in-game purchases.

Tiny Tower Vegas Cheats and Tips 2018

There are some websites out there that supposedly have hacks for Tiny Tower Vegas. With those hacks, it should be possible to get unlimited amounts of Coins, Bux and Casino Chips, the three currencies in Tiny Tower Vegas. How convenient is that? Since there are a lot of people that are technology-illiterate, they will believe these claims. Unfortunately, if they download those so-called hacks, it is more than likely that they have just downloaded a virus. Any website that claims they have hacks for Tiny Tower Vegas should be avoided.

Tiny Tower Vegas Gameplay Hacks and Tricks

If you are really looking to improve your gameplay in Tiny Tower Vegas, there are a couple of tips and tricks that you can use. There is also a cheat that you can use to get a large amount of Coins. It is also possible to use that cheat to instantly finish the constructions of floors. To learn more about these Tiny Tower Vegas tips, tricks and cheat, continue reading down below.

Upgrade Floors and Suites

In Tiny Tower Vegas, it is possible to upgrade your floors and suites. Sometimes it is better to upgrade your floors, instead of building more floors. Upgrading floors will increase the amount of Coins that you earn per minute. You will also have to restock your floors less. You can upgrade a floor in Tiny Tower Vegas by tapping on it, and tapping on the “Upgrade” button.

It is also possible to upgrade your suites in Tiny Tower Vegas. Upgrading your suites means that you can allow guests to stay for a longer time. Since they are staying for a longer time, they will spend more in your hotel and casino, thus earning you more in-game currencies.

Clear Elevator and Lobby for VIPs

In Tiny Tower Vegas, job applicants will show up to potentially get a job in your hotel and casino. If you are not in a need to hire more employees, make sure to tell the job applicants to leave. They will stick around for a while, and if you don’t tell them to leave, they will block the way for VIPs. Keeping your Lobby and Elevator clear of job applicants allows for VIPs to come in. Make sure you take care of the VIPs, because they will reward you with Bux. Bux are very important for your gameplay, as they are an in-game currency that is hard to come by in big numbers.

Coins, Bux, Casino Chips and In-game Store

There are several in-game currencies in Tiny Tower Vegas. The first currency are Coins. You earn a certain amount of Coins per minute. The amount of Coins that you earn per minute will increase when you build more floors and upgrade them. The second currency is called Bux, and looks like regular greenbacks. In a way, Bux are the premium currency of the game, since they are harder to come by. Bux are used for a number of special features in the game. There are also Casino Chips, which are needed to do things within your Vegas casino.

The in-game store in Tiny Tower Vegas sells several things for real money. It is possible to buy Casino Chips in quantities between 100 and 10.000 chips, price varying between $0.99 and $14.99. It is also possible to buy Bux between the amount of 1000 and 100.000, going for $0.99 to $14.99 as well. If you want to instantly unlock all roofs, lobbies and elevators in Tiny Tower Vegas, you can purchase the VIP Package. The VIP Package costs $9.99.

Instant Coins and Constructions Cheat

It is possible to use the time-lapse cheat in Tiny Tower Vegas. What the time-lapse cheat entails is that you forward the time on your Android or iOS device, to trick the game. The first thing you need to do to instantly finish the constructions in Tiny Tower Vegas, is to actually begin the constructions. Once you have done that, you can close the game down.

To perform the time-lapse cheat, simply go to Settings > Date & Time (this may vary on your mobile device, but should be similar). Once there, make sure that “Automatic date and time” and “Automatic time zone” are both disabled. Now forward the time on your device by a few hours. Go back into Tiny Tower Vegas and see how your constructions are already finished.

Using the time-lapse cheat will also make sure that you receive all the Coins and Bux that you would normally earn when time goes by. To make sure that you do not glitch the game, you will need to set the time back. But before you do that, make sure that you do not have any ongoing constructions in Tiny Tower Vegas. You can set the time back now. Your Coins, Bux and upgrades/constructions will all still be there. The time-lapse cheat is the only cheat that works in Tiny Tower Vegas, and is the only cheat that you will ever need anyways.