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Tippin Releases Mobile Bitcoin Tipping App

Sep 2, 2019

If you like sending out Bitcoin tips to people, then you are going to love that Tippin is finally releasing an app for both iOS and Android. You may have heard of Tippin before, since it lets you send Bitcoin tips to people through Twitter.

Tippin is able to do this because it uses the Lightning Network. It’s going to be much easier to send tips through Twitter with the new mobile apps. Read on to learn more news about the release of apps for mobile devices and what this means for cryptocurrency lovers.

Tippin Releases Android App with iOS Coming Soon

Tippin allows you to send tips to those people on Twitter you like, but now you are going to have access to mobile apps in order to send your tips. There is an Android version that will release this week for public testing. The Android version is going to also include a wallet that is Lightning Network enabled. As of right now, the Android version is the only one that’s ready to go, but an iOS version is promised to come very soon.

Tippin.me is a micropayment platform that allows you to tip anyone that is using Twitter. At first, this service was only available through a browser extension when it launched back in February 2019. It quickly grew to more than 14,000 users and was also endorsed by the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. Once Dorsey endorsed using Tippin,me, even more people began using this platform to tip those people on Twitter that they liked.

Tippin Branches Out with Mobile Apps to Make Bitcoin Payments Easier

This type of platform is said to possibly make adoption of Bitcoin much bigger and easier. We definitely think that the mobile apps are going to entice more people to try out this service. This app is also great because it allows you to tip anyone you want on Twitter, whether it be for their journalism or for their honesty about a topic.

You’ve probably not heard much about the Lightning Network before, which would be due to it still being a relatively new service. It essentially allows you to send cheap and quick payments first using off-blockchain transactions. These payments are then enforced on-blockchain so it’s safe and effective for sending payments in a flash. There is another service though that also allows you to send tips to people on Twitter, so Tippin is releasing mobile apps to keep them ahead of the competition.

Tippin Launches Mobile Apps as Competition Begins

As briefly mentioned above, a new competitor is looking to get in on the Twitter tipping services. The newest Twitter tipping option comes to you from the developers that released the Brave browser. It allows people on Twitter to be tipping using Basic Attention Token, which is BAT for short.

This is a cryptocurrency developed by Brave and it’s relatively new. When it comes to tipping on places like Twitter, the wars are just now beginning to see who can be the biggest and best at tipping on social media. When it comes to Tippin, we expect that this week we will get to see the Android app in action.

We can’t wait to see what it brings to the table. Currently, we don’t know when the iOS version will be available, although we expect it won’t be too far into the future. If you would like to try out the Tippin mobile app, you will likely see it sometime later this week on Google Play Store.

Once you get the chance to try out the new mobile app, we want to know what you think about it. Do you think that Tippin is going to be able to stay ahead of the competition to remain the best app for tipping on Twitter? What else would you like to see Tippin incorporate into the mobile apps? Are you someone who has used Tippin before via the browser extension?