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Titan launches JUXT smartwatch, pictures

Jan 22, 2016

Titan launches JUXT smartwatch, pictures: Titan is back with yet another grand technology. Its takes out its smartwatch, joining hands with HP. The top and the leading watch making company Titan releases its smartwatch called juxt. The watch is available in market all around the globe, in the United States, United Kingdom as well as in Canada. It is the first smart watch and is engineered by HP. The price of the watch is around Rs. 15995. Titan manages to redefine the wearable technology, bringing out a brand new technology. In collaboration with HP, another grand company in the technology world, Titan brings out the juxt with grand technology. The distribution network of HP is selling the watch now. The amazing technology of the watch has made it very demanding. The director of the Titan Company has declared that they are going to expand their sales by releasing the smart watch in more countries around the globe.

Titan launches JUXT smartwatch
Titan launches JUXT smartwatch

Watch companies give tough competition to all the competitor brands, and the industry is ever expanding. With this new technology, Titan has its hopes soaring high to get a lot of customers in its favour and expand their sales. Titan will surely challenge all the watch making companies across the world.

Smart watches will give the industry a brand new turn and help in further expansion of the watch making technology. The most important thing is that the idea of smart watch is not taken from any international company and is the sole development of the country. So if the watch is sold to the foreign watch making company, then the economical growth of the country will be effected in a positive way. The sale of the juxt in international companies will be definitely very good for the business of the company.

Titan’s Juxt Smartwatch
Titan’s Juxt Smartwatch

You can pre book the watch and have it before anyone else owns it. Log on to the company’s website and book your watch. You can also book your watch and get it from one of the top online marketing forum, Myntra. The watch will be available on large stores including all the show rooms of Titan, Helios and other top brands.

The price of the watch starts from Rs 15995, which comes with a stunning stainless steel model. There are several models, all stunning and attractive. The fabulous rose gold model costs Rs 17995. Out of all the models, the Titanium model is priced the highest, Rs 19995. All the models come with stunning superior design. Titan, the king of the watch making market, did not increase its profit much. In the past years, the leading watch making company has only made growth in single digits.

One of the market’s leading companies, Titan has seen its profits go down. The director is sceptical about taking out new stores. Titan is supposed to launch new show rooms in small towns too to increase sales and expand their growth. 100 more outlets are soon to be launched.

The brand new watch redefines watch making technology. Check out the watch today.