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Titanfall: Assault Coming to Mobile This Week

Aug 8, 2017

Good news if you are a fan of the Titanfall series of games. There is a new game coming out this week for both iOS and Android called Titanfall: Assault. If you have not heard about Titanfall before, the series of games are really enjoyable to get into and are on multiple platforms. Titanfall: Assault is the game to play if you love real-time strategy games. Read on to learn more about Titanfall: Assault and when this game is coming to mobile.

Titanfall: Assault Hits iOS & Android August 10

We have only about 48 hours left before Titanfall: Assault hits iOS and Android. The release for this new mobile real-time strategy game is August 10. The game is going to hit both iOS and Android at the same time, which is really cool. You might remember a game called Titanfall: Frontline was supposed to happen on mobile, but then the plugged was pulled on the development of that game. It was right after the plug was pulled on that game that Titanfall: Assault decided to come around.

Titanfall: Assault is a real-time strategy game that is all about building up your deck and then building up the best fighting team you possibly can. There will be Burn Cards, Titans, and Pilots in this game that you can use. If you have ever played Star Wars: Force Arena then you know exactly the type of card game that this will be. You will notice that everything is related to Titanfall in this game, including the maps, so if you have played a Titanfall game previously you will know the characters and terminology.

More on Titanfall: Assault Release

Titanfall: Assault soft launched a while ago, and there were not actually that many complaints about the game. The biggest issue people had was that there was not much oversight on the matchmaking aspect of the game. Hopefully, the developers and those fixing the issues in the game took the time to fix that common problem people had with the soft launch version. This game also appears to fall into the freemium category of games, which is how a lot of free mobile games are these days.

If you do not know about freemium games, they are the ones that while they are really free, if you want to get good at the game or progress quick you have to pay for the in-app items. These purchases allow you to do what you need to do quickly, such as get resources or in this case it is all about card decks.

The good news is that Titanfall: Assault will be released worldwide on August 10, which is only two days from now. Some really good news is that if you are an Android user and you pre-register for the game release, you will earn an extra Titan just by pre-registering! That is a pretty good deal and definitely makes the pre-registration all worth it. You have until August 10 to pre-register for the game, so hurry up within the next day or so and do that so you can earn the free Titan.