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Titanfall: Assault Released for iOS & Android

Aug 10, 2017

We have some good news for you today as Titanfall: Assault was just released on iOS and Android. We have been talking a little bit about this new free-to-play mobile game, but now you can experience it for yourself on your mobile device. This is great news for many people as this has been a game that many have anxiously awaited the release of.

If you have played any Titanfall game before, then you will know some of what to expect in the new Titanfall: Assault mobile game. Read on to learn all about this game and what type of gaming experience you will have if you download this game today.

Real-Time Strategy Game Titanfall: Assault Hits Android & iOS

As we have mentioned already, Titanfall: Assault is a real-time strategy game that is now available to download on both iOS and Android. This free-to-play game was developed by Nexon and comes to you from the company Respawn. Respawn was created by Jason West and Vince Zampella, both of which have backgrounds in games like Call of Duty and Infinity Ward.

With these guys leaving their previous companies, they joined up to make Respawn, which has dropped a few Titanfall games in the past. The previous Titanfall games were for platforms other than mobile. Titanfall: Assault is actually the first in the Titanfall franchise to be a mobile game, and it should be very exciting to see where this new mobile venture takes Nexon.

The premise of Titanfall: Assault is basically following the already-known gameplay and universe of Titanfall. There will not be the first-person shooter aspects of Titanfall: Assault like we have seen in other Titanfall games though. This game is more focused on being a real-time strategy game that uses a card-based experience. You will be the Commander and you have to make a squad of Burn Cards, Titans, and Pilots.

For Titanfall: Assault, your Pilots are the ones who are fighters that are both very quick and very skilled. The Pilots will be there to control various parts of the battlefield. The Titans will be doing a majority of the fighting in the game, and they will have a ton of firepower at their disposal to get the job done. We do not have many details on the Burn Cards, but they will be there for battlefield support and offer you some advantages when it comes to strategy.

Titanfall: Assault Mobile Game Details

If you played the console games of Titanfall, then you will know the Titans and Pilots and know some of the basics of the game. There will be a lot more maps in Titanfall: Assault though, which gives you way more places to explore in the universe known as Titanfall. There are maps such as Boneyard, Angel City, and Crash Site that are featured in this game. There are quite a few action-packed adventures in this game. You will have the ability to battle in the multiplayer PvP offered in the game, and the multiplayer PvP is very fast-paced.

A lot of people are most excited for the multiplayer PvP battles, but there is a lot more to the game than this aspect. You will be able to head into the Hangar, which is where you will oversee and view all of your units. For this particular game, your units will be in the form of the cards. You will be able to upgrade various units and you can choose which items are upgraded.

There are a lot of different squad lineups and other types of configurations you can make in the game before you head into battle. The Guild, which is also called the multiplayer hub, is where you will find various missions and quests that you can partake in. You can choose to do the missions and quests together with other players for even more fun.

Beyond that, you will also be able to record your gameplay experience and then share those replays with other people. You can challenge people to matches in the game too. This is a free-to-play game on both iOS and Android, although there are a lot of in-app purchases you can make in this game. Some are calling Titanfall: Assault a freemium game, since it is free but if you want to get items quick and progress in the game quickly, you will need to purchase items with real money.

You can play the game quite well without ever using any real money for the in-app purchases, but it definitely will take you longer. We are not sure whether or not the amounts of in-app purchases and the freemium aspect to this game will impact how mobile players enjoy the game. If you would like to check out the free-to-play game Titanfall: Assault, you can do so by going to Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store right now and downloading it for yourself.