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    Tomb Heroes Cheats & Guide for Gems

    Feb 9, 2017

    With the popularity of franchises such as Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider and Uncharted, it’s safe to say that everyone has an inner adventurer in them, especially in 2016. After all, the prospect of going through ancient tombs and dark caverns in the hopes of finding lost artifacts and treasure is an alluring incentive alone, and the addition of possible dangers such as deadly animals, ancient evils, greedy and dangerous mercenaries and tons of explosions is just an icing on the thrilling cake. Today we have a game for those looking to unleash their inner adventurer on the go with Tomb Heroes.

    Tomb Heroes is a 2D wave-based survival action game developed by ZPLAY for 2016. Tomb Heroes lets the player choose from a variety of adventurers as they survive against an onslaught of hostile creatures, mercenaries and environmental traps and hazards while collecting treasures with a selection of different locations to choose from.


    During the time Tomb Heroes was being reviewed, Tomb Heroes is currently available on both iOS devices and Android devices through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in 2016. For iOS devices, Tomb Heroes is compatible on iOS devices running iOS versions 7.0 or above. For Android devices, Tomb Heroes is compatible on Android devices running Android versions 4.0.3 or above.

    About Tomb Heroes

    iOS users who looking to shoot through some tombs can go ahead and grab Tomb Heroes by downloading the game directly via the Apple App Store. Android users who are looking forward on becoming tomb raiders as well can grab Tomb Heroes by downloading the game directly via the Google Play Store. Tomb Heroes has not received any form of consensus yet on the game’s Apple App Store entry, but the game has received a positive reception on Tomb Heroes’ Google Play Store entry with an average score rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.0 stars from over 3,800 users and an estimated total of 100,000 to 500,000 user downloads.

    In Tomb Heroes, the game takes a wave based survival action game approach to wrap around its adventurous theme. Tomb Heroes gameplay uses a simple 2 button system, on which players can move and fire simultaneously by pressing either the left or right side of the screen. The player’s weapon will fire a projectile based on the side the player tapped, with the player character moving away from the opposite direction of where the projectile was fired. The player can choose from a variety of unlockable characters, as well as choose on which location they will have to find treasures and survive on.


    Players must collect various treasures and power-ups around the arena as they fight off against massive hordes of foes, ranging from melee-based creatures such as mummies that tries to approach near the player, erratic creatures such as hopping spiders, ranged-based enemies such as armed mercenaries and environmental hazards such as sawblades. The player is scored based on how long they have survived, the number of enemies they have defeated, and the treasures they have collected. Tomb Heroes also features an achievement and leaderboards system where players can compete with other players by submitting their scores online.

    Tomb Heroes In Game Store

    Tomb Heroes features an in-game store with ‘gems’ as the main collectible currency to spend on in-game unlocks. Gems can be earned by playing through the game normally, with an increased amount earned if the player plays with a good performance during a play session. During gameplay as well, the player can earn extra gems by shooting a gem thief that runs around the arena randomly. Another method to earn gems is to watch optional video advertisements voluntarily. The gems can be used by the player to purchase new playable characters for use in gameplay. Tomb Heroes also provides a method to spend real life money through in-app purchases with the option to purchase gem packages in varying quantities. Unlocking new locations or arenas requires the player to perform specific tasks indicated by the locked location.

    Cheats & Tips for Tomb Heroes

    Finding treasure on ancient tombs isn’t exactly a walk in the park, especially with all the dangers and hazards such as sawblades, mummies, ghosts, mercenaries, and all the likes coming at you preventing you to get those lost treasures. Don’t worry however, if you’re having trouble with Tomb Heroes, we have a few tips for you to survive the onslaught and put those treasures in a museum where they belong.

    During gameplay, you actually have two ways of defeating enemies, one is with your projectile weapon, and the other is stomping on them like a retro platformer. This is handy when you have multiple enemies on one side, and a lone enemy on the other. What you should do is you should fire on the side with the multiple enemies, and let the blast send you flying backwards, stomping on the enemy and killing them. Watch out for hazards like the sawblades however, as this will result in an instant game over, and also watch out for enemies with spiked surfaces as they will also kill you if you stomp on them.


    Always keep on a look out for power-ups, since they’re almost always necessary once you get past the 30 second mark due to the onslaught of enemies that will spawn. Power-up crates last about 5 seconds before disappearing, so be prepared for them to pop up anytime either around the rightmost side or the leftmost side of the screen. The game is actually pretty generous on when do these power-ups pop up, as they usually appear whenever there’s a ton of enemies or hazards around you. This is also a good key indicator as well when a power-up spawns, it usually means you’re about to get a massive onslaught of enemies in the next few seconds, assuming they haven’t appeared already.

    Once you saved up on a bunch of gems, take note of each of the character’s projectiles. The differences between them aren’t significantly different, but they do make a subtle change to your playstyle. Things such as Rambo’s rocket launcher provides some splash damage, and Police’s shotgun provides a wider spread of projectiles. Feel free to experiment between all of the characters so you can get the most out of all of them.

    Whenever there aren’t enemies at the vicinity, move your character to the center of the arena so you won’t get any surprise attacks from behind. If you see melee-type enemies first approaching, wait for them to get close first before moving so you can gauge whether or not other hazards or enemies might appear. This is also a good way to continue onwards with the previous tip on that you will also want to stomp on enemies from the opposite side you’re firing your weapon.


    If you see two power-ups popping out at the same time, take priority on either the ones that glow green or red. The green ones indicate a power-up that may help with survivability, which includes invulnerability or a shield that can blast back enemy projectiles for a short while. The red ones indicate something that can take care of enemies better, such as double damage or larger area of effect damages that can defeat all of the enemies on screen.

    If you’re surrounded on both sides, what you can do is to alternate between left and right shots in a successive rhythm to make sure you stay on the air and at the center of the screen. This is a good way to keep your distance up against all of the enemies coming from each side, while being able to chip off their numbers slowly until you can get some breathing space again. This is also a good way to hold out for a while until a power-up appears that can help you take care all of them.

    Tomb Heroes Review

    Tomb Heroes wasn’t exactly the kind of game I was expecting when I first got it, as I was expecting a Spelunky-esque 2D adventure platformer. Despite the lack of the depth I was expecting, the game was still a whole lot of fun. Here are my detailed thoughts on Tomb Heroes.

    Donning our adventuring gear, let’s first talk about Tomb Heroes’ visual presentation with the game’s graphics and artwork. Tomb Heroes gives out a very charming presentation at first glance thanks to the game’s use of a cute and colorful boxy artstyle. The character designs are blocky yet detailed, thanks to some great use of unique characteristics and looks on each of the characters. The environmental design is also great thanks to the good artwork and design behind them, with Egyptian tombs and ancient Chinese temples giving off a good vibe despite their small scale. Even when it comes to the particle effects, Tomb Heroes makes good use of post processing effects such as slight blurring and explosions being present, along with bad guys turning into giblets and chunks when being hit by an explosion or a trap.


    Carefully treading to the trap filled crypt, let’s talk about Tomb Heroes’ audio presentation with the game’s audio presentation with the game’s music and sound effects. Tomb Heroes right from the start sounds great thanks to its action-filled and catchy energetic soundtrack. Chiptune goodness fills up the music selection in the game, and works very well with the game’s combat and pacing. On top of that, great sound effects really bring the action alive even more with great satisfaction.

    Taking a look at our map and reading our notes, let’s talk about Tomb Heroes’ general concept, story and originality. This is where I thought Tomb Heroes sort of disappointed me. While there’s nothing wrong with survival games in general, the pop culture filled references and adventurous setting really screamed for a 2D platforming adventure game. Instead it goes with a simpler one area survival game with a few new locations and such. Even then however, the game does manage to make good use of some variety such as different enemy types and such that fits each of the playable locations very well. The game could had been a bit more, but what’s here is still pretty fun.

    Fighting through an onslaught of baddies wanting to get the treasure, let’s talk about Tomb Heroes’ fun factor and general gameplay. Tomb Heroes manages to create a very easy to play and fun survival game with the use of its single tap system. There had been plenty of other games like it, but Tomb Heroes manages to create some interesting dynamics with it without overcomplicating things. It’s undeniably fun to rack up chains and combos of kills while barely avoiding dangers by a hairline. The enemy variety as well manages to keep things interesting and mix things up from time to time. It never feels unfair despite being really frantic past the 2-minute mark on a single session. The power-ups are all pretty fun as well, with a particular favorite being a power up that turns you into an invincible bunny that can hop around everywhere and stomp on everyone with ease. I really just wish Tomb Heroes was a bit bigger, as it has the potential to be one. Bigger arenas as well aside from just different environments and backgrounds would be nice as well if we’re talking about just enhancing the base gameplay alone.


    Grabbing the treasure and flying off into the sunset, let’s finally talk about Tomb Heroes’ lasting appeal with the game’s replay value and addictiveness. Tomb Heroes provides a good amount of content thanks to the use of unlocking new locations based on specific achievements and conditions, and the unlockable playable characters are also a good incentive to play through and try them all out. As fun as the gameplay is however, it can get repetitive fast due to its scope and size. It’s a game that’s good for short 3 minute sessions, but not something for the long haul. What’s promising however is that the menus do tease something ‘coming soon’ so there may be some more content in the future of Tomb Heroes.

    Tomb Heroes Ratings

    Artwork: Tomb Heroes looks really pleasant and vivid thanks to the colorful and charming art style it has going for. From the blocky yet detailed characters that are caricatures of pop culture icons, particularly of the adventuring hero genre, as well as great enemy variety and design that changes its theme as well depending on the in-game location. It also performs exceptionally well and smooth, and even on some technical post processing and particle effects, it succeeds in this department as well with some eye catching visuals. For these reasons, I give Tomb Heroes’ artwork a solid 10/10 rating.

    Music and Sound Effects: Tomb Heroes sports a very catchy chiptune soundtrack that encapsulates the fast paced gameplay and action filled carnage and visuals the game maintains. The sound effects also pack a lot of punch, with weapons sounds, explosions and giblets giving a satisfactory sound as it does visually, and combined together really does make for a great auditory treat. For these reasons, I give Tomb Heroes’ music and sound effects a solid 10/10 rating.

    Story & Originality: Tomb Heroes feels like it wastes some of its own potential with its great visuals and audio as well as its adventuring premise with just a simpler one tap survival game. The game would have had really been better as a 2D platformer instead, even without the emphasis on puzzles and just the action alone. Despite the missed potential, Tomb Heroes provides a charming setting and great ideas that sets it apart from the usual one tap survival game. For these reasons, I give Tomb Heroes’ story and originality an 8/10 rating.

    General Gameplay: Tomb Heroes is very easy to pick up and play, but can be extremely tough even just after a minute in. Despite the quick escalation of difficulty, Tomb Heroes never feels unfair as the game does provide some thoughtful enemy designs and power-ups that balances things out, which requires the player some quick thinking and planning other than just pure reflexes. The controls are also very responsive, and it just feels really good being able to dodge tons of baddies and hazards unscathed, and earning a high score even more so. For these reasons, I give Tomb Heroes’ general gameplay a 9/10 rating.

    Addictiveness: Tomb Heroes may provide a solid enough gameplay and there’s no doubt it is tons of fun, it does suffer from being too simple and doesn’t aim a bit higher, the environmental changes are nice, but with all of them being the same size does prevent them from feeling a bit more than a pretty reskin from each other. The game could had used some things like boss fights or multi layered levels on each location. Despite that however, Tomb Heroes does provide some other content like unlockable characters and locations that require specific feats to get which gives some incentive to keep on playing. For these reasons, I give Tomb Heroes’ addictiveness an 8/10 rating.

    Visually pretty and also sports some great audio work, Tomb Heroes is a lot of fun but suffers from perhaps being a little too simple and repetitive. But even so, it’s an awesome bite-sized package that anyone can hop on into. For these reasons, I give Tomb Heroes an overall 9/10 rating.