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Top 10 Android Games of 2015

Jul 15, 2015

Hi friends if you are searching for “Top 10 Android Games of 2015“, then we must say you are on the right place. Here we have best android games of 2015, you all are going to love our collection. Android is fast dwelling and coming up these days. It is required and very much essential that you swipe up and take these games. It is required that you get these games in your phone so that you will be happy in life. They are the best games and they are sure to give you happiness for the year 2015, have fun.

Top 10 Android Games of 2015

Top 10 Android Games of 2015

#1. Rush of heroes

Rush of heroes

This game is actually considered to be some kind of a complete action-RPG. The game has been developed by the very company and also powerful Firefly Games. In this kind of game, the players then tend to take command over some kind of a complete team of heroes that are there in their respective journey. This is done so that they can handle their fight against monsters. This is done so that they can return their treasure. There would be some kind of dungeons and one would also have to slash down the required enemies and also then get to take part in some kind of Arena PvP battles. Thus, Rush of heroes rocks.

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#2. Final Fable

Final Fable

It is known to be a good example of good action game. It is game that is supplied and backed up with various action genres and is even backed with even more and interesting action-filled RPG game. The game has also been made and even shaped by some people of IGG. Players in this game are very excited so that they can get to be a part with their loveable and also favorite childhood characters which may also include Pinocchio and even Red Riding Hood.  It is a very interesting game and what one needs is the fact that they need to defeat their very dark and also evil shadow that has been lurking upon Fantasia. Thus, the mystical world of Fantasia is a good game.

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#3. Minions paradise

Minions Paradise

Minions fans will love this game as it has been a game that has even developed lovable characters.  The characters will be loved by people who are everybody and anybody. People love this minions game for people who are what it is and it is a good game. Players in this minion’s game would also have to customize with their loveable and required tropical island. It is also backed up with the necessary hammocks and also has the required beach volleyball courts and even hot tubs.

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[divider[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]#4. Cooking fever

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Cooking Fever is a game that is supposed to be a good quality arcade game. It is a game which also been developed by Nordcurrent. Players in this game also get to perfectly use the game which is even more than a requirement of hundred ingredients so that one can also cook delicious meals that are required from all over the world.

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[divider sty[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]ong>#5. Game of thrones

Game of Thrones

All men must die who have never taken this game on your phone. Please download this game and feel very good about it.  Thus, game of thrones, the amazing series which has also been translated into the game must be taken. Thus, take Game of throne game and feel good about it. It is a good game and is very generous. If you never try this android game then we highly recommend you to try it now.

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[divider style=[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]#6. Into the dead

Into the Dead

You will never get bored of games when you have this game in your phone. You will want such games more and more if you have them in your phone already. Into the dead is a cool game and has amazing graphics and even cool and stunning features. Thus, you must plan on getting such games which are cool and fun to play with. Thus, get the game into the dead is a rocking game and you are sure to get the right enthusiasm when you play these games.

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[divider style=”so[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider I

You are a hero and you will never get enough of it. This is the best game you can avail of and you can enjoy and take fun of. The game is well planned and it has many layers and it is filled with interesting details. Tomb Raider is a good game for all adventurous people. It helps one to do things interestingly and inadvertently. It is a game which is filled with layers and filled with amazing and stunning things which lets people to have with. Thus, Tomb Raider is indeed an amazing game.

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This also can be termed as the best and interesting game which you can ever find. It has layers and it has amazing and stunning features. The game is packed with things which make up for very interesting and lively games.  This game contains everything and anything. It also has the multiplayer here and is even backed up with some kind of six vs six and has a facing off that is provided in a very chunky sci-fi world and modern world of space ships and also other kinds of plasma rifles. There is even a ranking system and it also has the polished maps which elevate this feeling of third-person shooter.

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This is a game which is very much nice and is also intervened with layers. The game is packed with interesting layers and stunning graphics. Thus this is a game which also has no Team Fortress 2 option and is available on Android. This game also does the work of capturing the same kind of spirit and also has the cartoon art style. It’s a game which has six vs. six which is also backed up with some five classes which one can choose from.

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[divider style=”solid” top=[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]y: Strike team

Call of Duty Strike Team

The game has many interesting layers. It is filled with many stunning and amazing kind of details that people will enjoy. It has the necessary controls which makes the first-person control aspect of this game very tricky. In this game, you can switch to a very third-person view and also enjoy a very different experience and you will also be closer to some kind of a tactical RTS experience that is available on this game. It has a very polished and refined military shooter.

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[divider style=”solid” top=”20[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"] all the above “Top 10 Android Games of 2015”, if we have missed your best android games of 2015 then free free to comment below. On other hand don’t forget to follow us on Facebook page for more cool android game list, enjoy the above 2015 android games.

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