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Top 10 Best Android Games of May 2015 (HD)

May 3, 2015

If you are an android lover like us then we welcome you all to our Go Android Apps website, a famous blog for android lovers. Are you searching for “Top 10 Best Android Games of May 2015 HD”, if yes then we highly recommend you to keep reading this article. After doing lots of research we have finally made a list of the games of May month 2015, if unfortunately we have missed your best android games of the month then do let us know in comments below.

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Top 10 Best Android Games of May 2015 (HD)

Top 10 Best Android Games of May 2015

10. Apocalypse Runner

Apocalypse Runner

If you really love to play racing games then must try, Apocalypse Runner. Run along the rocky platforms, overcome obstacles, collect bonuses, earn points and compare them with the points of other players also. Awesome game so far the game is good, make flips like a free running thing think it would be cool like combos that add points.

Size: 23 MB

9. Big Hero 6 Bot Fight

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight, game for puzzle lovers. Continue the journey with Baymax, Hiro and the rest of the Big Hero 6 team in an epic Match-3 puzzle adventure. Really an awesome and full on time pass game. Personally speaking I love this game so much, have never been entertain with a game like this ever it’s amazing!!!

Size: 93 MB

8. Golf Star™

Golf Star

Golf Star, game for gold lovers. If you really love to play golf in your free time then we highly recommend you to try this game, you just love it. The greatest golf game you’ll ever play, featuring realistic graphics, golfing techniques mastered by the pros, and a simulation powered by real physics-based gameplay. The design, complexity, concise and precise way of playing this game is Superb!! It feels real like playing on the golf course!!

Size: 33 MB

7. Fast & Furious Legacy

Fast & Furious Legacy

Fast & Furious Legacy, best android game for racing lovers. Features include 50 cars including favorites from the movie franchise, you can experience the speed of the blazing hot Lykan Hypersport from Furious 7 and more.

Size: 542 MB

6. Dynamite Fishing

Dynamite Fishing

If you are searching for a game that kill your time then try Dynamite Fishing. The best ever game played it is familiar to kingdom rush genre based games like tower defense type Best game to Kill Time. Awesome fishing action with unconventional warfare, totally addicted.

Size: 99 MB

Best Android Games of the Month May 2015

5. Summoners War

Summoners War

Summoners War is a role playing android game. Packs with amazing features include breath taking graphics, over 400 monsters, endless fun, auto mode and so on.  Even you can play this game in English, Deutsch, français, Português, Español, Русский, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Vietnam, ไทย, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体 and 中文繁體.

Size: 13 MB

4. Monster Busters Hexa Blast

Monster Busters Hexa Blast

Monster Busters Hexa Blast, another android game for puzzle lovers. Personally speaking Fun game, this game is so addictive! But lots of fun to play even if you only have five minutes. It comes with Over 400 stages, each episode filled with different concept of challenge.

Size: 45 MB

3. MARVEL Future Fight

MARVEL Future Fight

Awesome built everything u expected from the avengers and all your match up heroes pit together to fight the anomaly which is ultron and the many mysteries. Graphics are awesome. Good story. Fights and levels are too short for now since just starting the game. Overall game is fast, action is wise consistently put at your fingertips u take charge and lead your teams to victory.

Size: 31 MB

2. Angry Birds Stella POP!

Angry Birds Stella POP!

Our best android games countdown is incomplete without Angry Birds, meets bubble shooter in an all-new and super-addictive puzzler! Love It Really enjoy this game, some challenging levels but that’s part of the fun. If you never try this game before then try it now, you just love it. It’s simple, sleek and addictive.

Size: Variable with devices

1. Iron Knights

Iron Knights

Finally may game of the month is Iron Knights, an amazing fighting game. Features include Brilliant 3D Graphics featured with Spectacular Lighting Skills, thrilling sound effects, 120 rounds, amazing weapons and more. Personally speaking I loved this awesome game, so much fun, so far this is my favorite game ever on Google play.

Size: 28 MB

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Final words:

We hope you all enjoyed our “Top 10 Best Android Games of May 2015”, if you have any query or unfortunately we have missed your best android game of the month then do let us know via comments below and thanks for visiting.

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