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Top 3 Best Android Wear Watches of 2015

Jul 18, 2015

Are you searching for “Best Android Wear Watches of 2015“, if yest then we must say you are on the right article. Here we have top 3 best Android watches of 2015. Android gives you many options as far as seeking watches and playing with them is considered. Thus, it is time now to experiment and experience some amazing watches which you can wear for 2015. Thus, these watches are stylish, amazing and they have their own specific and amazing charm. Thus, try your luck and take these watches.

Top 3 Best Android Wear Watches of 2015

#1. The LG Watch Urbane

This brand new watch in this line is sure to take your hearts away. It is actually and prettily now making its hard earned way into slipping yourself into the hands of consumers.  What becomes available and present now from the Google Store are the amazing watches that are there now for $349. It is a new Android Wear-powered device and it also does bring the feel of a classy appeal to the wearable market. It also features the same internal specifications as one would find in an LG’s G Watch R. Thus, this watch can actually be termed as the basic need you can have in your closet.

You must try out this watch and not even think of any other opinion or option on this. This can be the best watch you can even think of having in your collection. Thus, the watch simple rocks for the year 2015.

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#2. Huawei watch

This is yet another addition in the list of watches coming to the fore.  This is a watch that has recently been launched in its first Android launches. It is the first of its kind which is a wear device available at the MWC 2015 only a few months ago. It has already kind of made a huge and big kind of splash in the given, wearable community. It also features a beautiful sapphire and also some kind of a crystal circular display. It is the given and required Huawei Watch which for sure and does definitely gives you the LG Watch Urbane a run for its money that is available on the aesthetic side.

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#3. Motorola Moto 360

We all love watches and the fact that the watch is coming out of the brand of Motorola is an even big thing. It’s very hip, it’s extremely stylish, and also it’s customizable. The Moto 360 was one of the first brands of the franchise of the Android Wear smart watches announced, and it also did take Motorola more than some credible time to release it. It has in it the sleek, circular device which has been well received.  It also dies feature a kind of large circular screen which has a very attractive sleek brushed metal build and is accommodated with most of several replaceable bands. This is the brand Moto 360 which will look good

Thus, do not hesitate to take these watches for Android.

On the inside, the processor is older than the competitors’, while the battery is on the small side – still, the Moto 360 will last a day of usage for all but the most active users, and you get wireless charging. With a variety of cool watch faces taking advantage of the round screen and more launching constantly, the Moto 360 is a great choice if style is your biggest priority.

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We hope guys you all enjoyed all the above information on “Best Android Wear Watches of 2015“, if we have missed your best Android Watch of 2015 then do let us know via comments below and thanks for visiting.

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