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Top 5 Apps like Uber – Best Alternatives in 2018

Mar 1, 2017

It is almost impossible to not have heard about Uber nowadays. However, have you ever heard of Lyft, Grab, BlaBlaCar and others? There are many different taxi apps like Uber available in different parts of the world.

Some of these apps are even the national market leaders in their respective countries. It is advised that you check out which taxi app works best in what country. This list of top 10 apps like Uber will definitely help you with that.


The undisputed world leader in taxi apps is definitely Uber. The service is often available in many countries around the world, which only increases its popularity. The name of the app is also mentioned in movies and TV shows, which is a great marketing strategy. Ordering a taxi through Uber is very simple. Open the app and enter your location, select a car that is nearby and pay your commute by using your credit card attached to the app.

You can easily link your credit cards or PayPal account to your Uber account, allowing you to automatically pay for your fares. After your ride, you are able to review your driver. The nice thing about Uber is that the drivers are also able to leave a review on their customers.

By doing so, both customers and drivers are aware of any mishaps, and might decline to work together. Uber is available in the US, Canada, Australia and large parts of Europe. You can download the app on Android and iOS.


Lyft appeared about two years after Uber established itself in the US. Consequently, Lyft will always remain the number two taxi app in the US and Canada, but it is a strong grower. The two taxi apps compete fiercely in San Francisco, the city where it all began for both companies. Lyft works in a similar way as Uber. You message for a ride, the ride picks you up and you automatically pay through the app using your credit card or PayPal account.

The big difference is in appearances. Lyft drivers receive a pink mustache which they can attach to the front bumper of their cars to identify themselves. The company also encourages customers to take a seat next to the drivers, instead of sitting in the back and being antisocial. Lyft is available in the US and Canada. You can download the app on Android and iOS.


Developed by an Israeli company, Gett is the taxi app market leader in Israel. However, the app is now also widely used in the UK. Even though Uber has a firm position in both of these countries, Gett is still increasing in popularity thanks to the offer of cheap taxis.

You can even find Gett drivers in New York and Moscow. The big difference is that Gett uses official taxi companies, and doesn’t employ its own drivers. You pay your ride upfront, and you are able to book a ride two weeks in advance. You can download Gett on Android and iOS.


If you are looking for a ride in Southeast Asia, Grab is your best bet. Grab is the market leader in many of the Asian countries, and is as easy to use as Uber. You enter your location and destination, which immediately shows you the expected rate for your ride.

Grab will automatically select the most nearby driver and send him to your location.Just like Uber, you can select luxury or regular vehicles in Grab. You can also choose to share a ride with others to split the costs. Grab is very popular in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. Grab works on Android and iOS.


MyTaxi is the market leader in both Spain and Germany. You will find drivers in Seville, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg and more. Just like the other taxi apps, MyTaxi works in a very easy and similar way. You select your location, select a vehicle class and a driver will come pick you up. Payment is made through a linked credit card, and the app allows you to review your driver after your ride. You can download MyTaxi on Android and iOS.


According to the statistics on the mobile app markets, EasyTaxi is one of the most downloaded taxi apps in the world. With over twenty-five million downloads on both Android and iOS, and users in hundreds of cities worldwide, EasyTaxi promises a great and cheap taxi alternative. EasyTaxi is very big in countries in South America, particularly in Brazil and Colombia.

The app also seems to be used a lot in Kenya and Nigeria. The advantage of EasyTaxi is that it doesn’t look up the edges of local laws, which is something that Uber is definitely doing. This means that the chance of EasyTaxi getting banned is very low.

EasyTaxi is an app that allows you to book legitimate taxis, with drivers that have the necessary permits. Just like with the other apps, payments on EasyTaxi are completely digital.

Honorable Mentions

If you are looking for cheap taxis in the Middle East, namely in the Arabian Emirates, then you should definitely take a look at Careem. This taxi app allows you to book drivers in advance, and has three different vehicle categories. Payments go through the app itself. You can even link your AirMiles account to your Careem account to save up miles for yourself. Careem is available both on Android and iOS devices.

If you are looking for longer rides, especially ones that allow you to split costs with others, BlaBlaCar is definitely what you would want to use. BlaBlaCar is like a carpooling app. You can find drivers all over the world, willing to “rent” you a seat in their car.

Most of the rides in BlaBlaCar are long ones, but since you will be sharing the ride with others, the costs are being split. This is great for people that are looking for cheap rides across countries.

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