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Top 5 Best Android Marvel Games of 2016

Dec 7, 2015

Top 5 Best Android Marvel Games of 2016: Are you searching for the best marvel games for android 2016 list. If yes then we highly recommend you to keep reading this article. Here we have some of the below android marvel games of all time, you surely love them. Here are the top 5 Marvel Android Games of 2016. Download them now and mus share your reviews in comments below, enjoy.

Top 5 Best Android Marvel Games of 2016

MARVEL Future Fight1. MARVEL Future Fight

Come face to face with marvels best heroes and villains. Are you ready for the adventure? The Spiderman, hulk, iron man, captain America and the entire avengers’ gang is back. Make your own team and fight amazing battles. Explore their world and live their life today. Why are you waiting? Fight and win epic and fabulous battles. It isn’t as easy as it seems. Play as a single player. Unlock exciting stuffs. Earn rewards and bonuses. This app is extremely easy to use and controls are good. It is a single finger control. Cool graphics and soundtracks. Download this game now.

MARVEL Future Fight

google play

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Marvel Mighty Heroes2. Marvel Mighty Heroes

The universe is at the verge of getting destroyed. It is trapped by evil forces. Save the universe and be the real hero. Assemble your team and form a fabulous gang and blow away all the evil forces gather marvel’s best heroes. It is a four player game. The super heroes include hulk, captain America, star lord, spider man, Thor, iron man and many more. The feature of the game is awesome. Play online with 3 other players. Battle with the worst villains. Play for the world and attain all the glory. Play and earn daily and weekly rewards.

Marvel Mighty Heroes Game

google play

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Marvel Puzzle Quest3. Marvel Puzzle Quest

The fearless marvel heroes are back yet again. They are ready to blow away all the evil of this world. Join them today. Create your dream team from the marvel super hero gang. Live amongst the avengers. Amazing game with super tournaments, alliances and season play. Play to win exciting rewards. Use power to with against your enemies. Eight million players are already in the run. Join them today. It has a wide variety of events and new features which will leave you spell bound.

Marvel Puzzle Quest Game

google play

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MARVEL Contest of Champions4. MARVEL Contest of Champions

Download this editor’s choice game on your android smart phones today and play this stunning game today. Play with the 5 champions who have just arrived. Now play the greatest battle in history. Play between iron man and captain America, the great hulk and wolverine, drax and deadpool. Isn’t it exciting? See who evolves as the champion of champions. Build the strongest and best alliance. Build the ultimate and best team of alliances now. Play quests and win real big today. It provides you the best and the most powerful heroes and villains ever. Do not wait. Play the game now.

MARVEL Contest of Champions Game

google play

[divid[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#000000"]h3>Avengers Alliance5. Avengers Alliance

Do you love the avengers? Well now get to play this amazing game with them. The avengers as well as the x men are here. Are you ready to set fire? The cool and stunning graphics are amazing. Make your own team with the super heroes to as many as 20 heroes. More than 450 battles available. 60 missions and more than hundreds of fascinating quests. Buy more than 400 available items. Compete with others and win amazing prizes. Win new heroes and much more. Read to take up the challenge? Start playing now.

Avengers Alliance Game

google play

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We finally hope you all enjoyed all the above list of “Top 5 Best Android Marvel Games of 2016“, for any query of suggestion feel free to contact us via comments below. Thanks for visiting and if you really think we have made some efforts then must show your appreciation in comments below.

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