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Top 5 Best Android Note Apps

Jun 17, 2015

Are you searching for “Top 5 Best Android Note Apps“, if you really do then we are glad that you find this article. Here we have top 5 note apps for android smartphone or tablet. Yes it is true that technology has replaced the books. You can do so more if you get these crazy note taking apps in your android devices. So what are you waiting for? Choose from any of these:-

Top 5 Best Android Note Apps
Top 5 Best Android Note Apps

Top 5 Best Android Note Apps

1. Ever note


It is the leading and the most useful app of this section. With the ability to be able to take videos, audios and even PDF files, Ever note is at the top. One however needs to actually read the initial instruction page for being familiar with the app. It is maintained and updated frequently by them. A tip would be to make use of how-to guide which is there on the resource that is helpful to fully understand the advantage of many features available in the app.


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2. Color note

ColorNote Notepad Notes

This app does bring the users back to the basics, or even rather grade school. It has an easy design and also color-coded functionality.  The text interface is completely easy and one has options to choose from.  For people who can get confused quickly with an app there is a search button right at top that helps you store everything. Menu option is good for sorting. The basic value of Color Note actually revolves around the basic fundamental of using different colors to make sections and categories catalog lists and notes.


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3. MobisleNote


Thought note app is easy; in here you will have to learn little more basics. So you have – the note folders screen, the notes screen, and the note itself. Though sounds complicated it is not. In fact is an easy to use app. One can also switch from checklist format to even plain text as it is also intuitive and simple. Mobile Notes makes use of soft colors (mostly greens and tans) throughout the app that leads the visual impact for users.


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Catch Notes

This app is actually very dynamic. It allows one to do various functions like keep reminders, photos and also sound bites. One can even make general lists and also record simple text notes that are given. They are saved in a special name folder called ‘spaces.’ These spaces have the capacity to house note on many and also different subjects like those of private notes, or even miscellaneous items, for instance. Sharing can take place easily with this.


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It tries and does offer a very intuitive design to people and customers.  There are many apparent features in this app like taking a picture, attaching other items to a note and also voice recording, and handwriting or stylus optimization. People will be impressed with its intuitive design at first glance. The only necessity remains that the user also has the option to basically sync his GNotes with his or her Google account. It’s better as information will be easily shared.

The home screen of the app also helps one to know the defaults which also show all the created/recorded notes for better access.


[divider style=[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]ke use of these 5 best android note apps. We hope friends you all guys enjoyed all the above android note apps, for any kind of query feel free to comment below.

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