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Top 5 Best Drawing Apps for Android

Jul 11, 2015

Hi friends we are back with “Top 5 Best Drawing Apps for Android“, if you love to do drawing on your smartphone then we highly recommend you to keep reading this post. There can be many drawing apps which you can avail of and feel happy about. The fact that you are drawing and sketching and making things which make you happy can appease you to the maximum extent. Thus, drawing apps can also be one of the added features and advantages which one can get. These are the best drawing apps which one can get for android, enjoy.

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Top 5 Best Drawing App for Android
Top 5 Best Drawing App for Android

Top 5 Best Drawing Apps for Android

#1. Art flow


You would have heard of this name. It is a great app which lets you and allows you to do good sketching. You can flow with the flow of colors and sketches and avail for yourself a good portrait. You will have no teeny thing to complain of if you have this app. This will also let you have some really good art app features some very interesting and amazing elements. Thus, people will need to have this app as importantly as one will require people to do this app. Art flow thus serves a very good purpose therefore.


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#2. Sketcher Pro by wargoth

Sketcher PRO

Sketcher Pro is also a very good app that has been recently updated and upgraded. It is certainly not as well-known as others in the category of sketch apps on the market but it does not mean that it is not so good. Sketcher Pro is an app that also includes more than 12 brushes and also some adjustable and good canvas size. It has even got a kind of color picker which has transparency, and so on. The UI of the app is also quite well done.


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#3. Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Touch also does have one kind of a Photoshop option which is available for Android as well. Much it is like the Light room mobile app, there is the Photoshop app which can’t hold any candle to the given desktop version. However the app does contain more of these tools and effects that can make your drawing superb. This is filed with some really good painting effects which includes filter brushes and even text effects. It also helps syncing to the desktop making version quite easier.


[divider[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]#4. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

It is also yet another good app that has been appreciated by the people for its qualities and features. One gets to do massive painting and lighting with this app and they make sure it is worth it. There are so many added painting and drawing effects that one is sure to get imbrued in the quality of graphics you yourself can produce with it. It is indeed a very good app. It is one of the best apps ever. Thus, light room rocks.


[divider sty[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]ong>#5. Clover Paint

Clover Paint

Technology has advanced and with that we have the app called clover paint. It is yet another app that helps one to draw self-identifies as if you are a professional grade and thus use the drawing app. It features some complex layering system and provides the users with plenty of drawing implements, and also selection tools.


[divider style=[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]guys you all enjoyed all the above information about “Top 5 Best Drawing Apps for Android“, if unfortunately we have missed your best drawing app for android then do let us know via comments below. Thus, you must use these drawing apps to enhance your experience.

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